Passover 5784/2024: Exodus from Zionism.

haggadah Passover 5784

This year, as we gather for Passover, we hold both grief and resolve deep in our hearts. We know that this year is unlike any other year. The Israeli government continues its genocide of Palestinians in Gaza in full force. We cannot feast while there is famine.

Holding the lessons of Passover close, that all deserve to be free from bondage, and that we must struggle together against oppressive Pharaohs towards a place of collective liberation, JVP has compiled these offerings so we may continue the sacred work of mobilizing to end genocide and apartheid — and of building an expansive practice of Judaism beyond Zionism.

Virtual events

Liberating our Seder Tables for Palestine: How to Have Hard Conversations on Passover | April 17

Don’t shy away from difficult conversations on Passover. Get equipped to engage your loved ones about Palestine by joining JVP’s workshop on Wednesday, April 17.

JVP Anti-Zionist Seder Toward Collective Liberation | April 25

We are setting the Passover table to hold your grief, your broken hearts, your rage, your fear, your gratitude, and all of our dreams of collective liberation. Join JVP for a virtual anti-Zionist Seder toward collective liberation on Thursday, April 25. Closed captioning and an ASL interpreter will be provided throughout the duration of the event.

In-person events and actions

Emergency Mass Seder in the Streets | NYC, April 23

In the NYC area? Join us on Tuesday, April 23 for an Emergency Mass Seder in the Streets. Together, we’ll demand an end to U.S. funding for the Israeli military.

Mimouna for Palestine | San Francisco, April 30

In the Bay Area? Join anti-Zionist SWANA Jews for a Mimouna ritual, featuring Gazan poet Yahya Ashour, on Tuesday, April 30.

Check your local chapter’s social media for information about local actions and seders.

Shulchan Orech Pledge

We cannot in good conscience sit down to enjoy festive seder meals as a state acting in the name of the Jewish people is deliberately starving millions of Palestinians. This Passover, take the Shulchan Orech Pledge with us.

JVP Haggadah 5784/2024: Exodus From Zionism

We are wrestling back our beloved, thousands-year-old traditions from a 76-year-old apartheid state, and re-rooting in the values passed to us. We reclaim our holiday of liberation as part of reclaiming Judaism from and building it beyond Zionism. In this spirit we created the JVP Haggadah 5784/2024: Exodus From Zionism.


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