Announcing JVP’s next Executive Director!

Dear members and supporters,

On behalf of the Jewish Voice for Peace Board of Directors, we are thrilled to let you know that the next Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace will be Stefanie Fox. Please join us in congratulating Stefanie!

Many of us have had the privilege of working with Stefanie during her 10+ years at JVP, as an organizer, then Co-Director of Organizing, then Deputy Director, and currently as Acting Co-Executive Director. For those who have not, Stefanie is an extraordinary organizer, leader, and strategist, with a deep commitment to Palestinian liberation, and a vision of a Jewish future beyond Zionism.

Stefanie has been pivotal to JVP’s path to becoming a truly national and highly influential force in our movement, while remaining committed to our grassroots foundation. An organizer’s organizer, she has led, co-led, or been a key team member towards so many milestones: our growth from 7 to 70 chapters, our National Member Meetings, our evolving organizing strategies, our campaigns including Deadly Exchange, our political evolutions including embrace of the full BDS call, our work towards a greater commitment to anti-racism, and the recent launch of JVP Action, our 501c4. She has co-led on strengthening organizational systems, infrastructure, and practices, and served as a mentor, coach, and trainer to staff and organizers.

Stefanie’s leadership is rooted in her centering of relationships, in rigorous self-reflection, and in a high bar of accountability for herself and for JVP. She fluently balances both the pragmatism and the nuanced political analysis required to translate vision into strategy, strategy into impact.

The Transition Task Force, consisting of four board members, and Ari Belathar and Rabbi Alissa Wise from staff, conducted a wide-ranging and rigorous search process. We knew Rebecca Vilkomerson would be a tough act to follow, especially in an organization as unique as JVP. We began nine months ago with reflection and assessment of JVP in this political moment, and what that would require of our next ED. We consulted with allies and movement partners, and engaged JVP’s staff to participate and provide feedback during multiple stages of this process. The board was unanimous in its decision to offer the role to Stefanie.

Stefanie’s first day as Executive Director will be April 6, after a much-needed break during the month of March.
Finally: the Board wishes to honor and thank both Stefanie and Rabbi Alissa Wise for their extraordinary tenure as Co-Executive Directors subsequent to Rebecca Vilkomerson’s departure last September, as well as the entire JVP staff for their undaunted commitment to our organization and our movement. These are hard times, and the stamina, strength, and hope required to keep fighting cannot be underestimated.

On behalf of the JVP Board of Directors, and the entire Executive Director Transition Task Force, and with great excitement for JVP’s future,
Grace Lile

Transition Task Force Members
Ari Belathar – Chicago Organizer
Phyllis Bennis – Board of Directors
Grace Lile – Board of Directors
Seth Morrison – Board of Directors
Jessie Spector – Board of Directors
Rabbi Alissa Wise – Acting Co-Executive Director


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