Imagine Dragons: Don’t play apartheid Israel.

Image Dragons

Dan, Wayne, Ben, and Daniel of Imagine Dragons: We call on you to skip your show in apartheid Israel on August 29. 

In a recent promo video, you talked about your hopes for this latest tour: “Imagine Dragons just really wants to make people feel safe.” 

For Palestinians under Israeli apartheid, there isn’t any illusion of safety. 

It’s time for us to listen to what Palestinians have been saying for years. Amnesty International is the latest human rights organization to name Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as the crime against humanity of apartheid. 

Palestinians are routinely denied their basic human rights under Israel’s illegal military occupation simply because they’re Palestinian. Israeli soldiers kill Palestinians, including young children, with impunity. Reports constantly emerge of Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians and forcing them from their family homes. All this, and more, has only escalated since Israel’s ultra right-wing government came into power last year. Israeli politicians have encouraged and even openly called for violence against Palestinians. 

Palestinians, like all people, deserve to be free and safe.

As advocates for equality and love, Imagine Dragons has the opportunity to put its values into practice — by canceling your show and letting Israel know that the world is watching.

Follow the lead of other major headliners. 

Imagine Dragons, you are currently set to play in Tel Aviv in a venue built on the ruins of the Palestinian village of Jarisha, which was destroyed by Israel. 

Earlier this year, Sam Smith canceled a concert at the same venue, in response to the call for solidarity from Palestinians. They weren’t the first to do so: a growing movement of musicians, like Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Big Thief, have canceled tour dates in apartheid Israel. These acts join the over 1,500 artists who have joined #MusiciansForPalestine, refusing to perform in Israel while the state carries out a system of segregation, oppression, and war crimes against Palestinians. 

Every time that an artist skips their show(s) in Israel, it sends a message to Israel’s apartheid regime, telling them that they cannot continue their oppression of Palestinians with impunity. It’s not too late to do the right thing. Cancel your show and join the world in standing up for Palestinian freedom.


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