Over 300 renowned writers, poets, translators, editors, artists, public intellectuals and cultural workers, from Alice Walker and Claudia Rankine to Naomi Klein and Jacqueline Woodson, have signed the petition to free Dareen Tatour. For the list of signers, please scroll down.

Dareen Tatour has been charged with incitement to violence based on a poem posted to Youtube. She is one of over 400 Palestinians arrested in the last year for their expressions of resistance to the Israeli Occupation over social media.

She had her first court hearing last month, charged by Israel for Facebook postings and a poem posted to YouTube called “Qawim ya sha’abi, qawimhum” (Resist my people, resist them).

We believe in the rights of artists and writers to openly express their artistic vision and share work freely. The Israeli government’s actions reveal a desire to silence Tatour, part of a larger pattern of Israeli repression against all Palestinians.

Expressing resistance to oppression and Occupation through poetry is by nature non-violent and should not be criminalized by any government.

We, the undersigned – writers, artists, and people of conscience from around the world – believe that poetry is not a crime. We are calling for poet and activist Dareen Tatour to be released immediately from house arrest and for all charges to be dropped.


Who Is Dareen?

Dareen TatourDareen Tatour is facing imprisonment for her poetry in Israel/Palestine.

Posted by Jewish Voice for Peace on Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was arrested on October 11th, and has been detained ever since. Her crime? Poetry. A poem of Tatour’s was posted on Youtube, and her reading of another poem at a Women’s Day commemoration in Nazareth.

Tatour spent the first three months of her detention in three prisons – Kishon, Damon and Hasharon. She was then transferred to house arrest, but the court insisted that she be kept 40 km away from her home because of the ‘danger’ she posed to the public.

This outrage cannot stand, and we are pressuring the Israeli government to free her with a sign-on letter from writers, poets, and artists.

Signers represent some of the most respected and renowned individuals in the arts and literary worlds including ten Pulitzer Prize winners, fourteen recipients of Guggenheim Fellowships, an NAACP Image Award winner, many Lambda Literary Award winners, and scores of recipients of the highest U.S. writing, translation, and arts honors: including Tony Awards, Grammy Awards, Obie Awards, PEN/Open Book Awards, National Book Critics Circle Awards, Kenyon Review Award, Pushcart Awards, LA Times Book Awards, and MLA Prizes.

A Poem For Dareen

For Palestine & Dareen Tatour
by the celebrated Palestinian-American Poet Naomi Shihab Nye

Talking Forever

Say it again, resist times ten.

Those who were not politicians,

who were going to school or tending the rooms,

shops, libraries, kitchens, mint sprigs drooping in a can,

changing diapers, wiping spittle from chins,

chopping onions, snipping cucumbers from a scratchy vine,

we would have done anything for you, Palestine.

But all we knew to do was talk, talk, to everyone who already agreed.

Sign petitions, phone representatives, write checks,

wear keffiyehs tied around our necks, demonstrate,

feel hopeful that President Obama might (in his vast intelligence)

really stand up for you — what else could we do?

Talk to those who didn’t already agree? But who were we?

“If they knew our stories, they wouldn’t do these things to us,”

my Palestinian grandmother said, when she was 100 years old,

after being tear-gassed in her own room by Israelis.

She wasn’t angry – we were.

Dareen, trapped in her house for using the word “Resist” – she was there

and we were everywhere else. Easy to punish her, Israel had

no trouble trapping, oppressing, squelching, giving another name.

Pressed down for so long, those without influence over weapons or borders,

easy to ignore, refute, blame, always blame, changing the story,

inverting the facts…and they DID know the story, Sitti,

because everyone told it, Dareen told it,

Mahmoud, Fadwa, Edward, Suheir, Anton, Sharif, Nathalie, Lisa, Lena,

Khaled, Salma, Raja, Fady, Aziz, everyone told it, kept telling it,

talking forever, but the checkpoint lines got longer, pressed,

the sad orchards smaller, looming wall more riveted with cries,

the way a nightmare compounds, spinning out swirls of

hallways, blockades, locked doors, prison cells…

the powerful kept saying, Give the oppressors more money,

they are a democracy,

and the sleeping person shouted from the nightmare, Wake up!

Just let me wake up!


Over 300 renowned writers, poets, translators, editors, artists, public intellectuals and cultural workers are calling for Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour’s release from house arrest. All identifications and affiliations are for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsements by any institutions.

Aaminah Shakur
Artist & Poet

Achmat Dangor
Novelist & Poet
Former CEO inter alia of Nelson Mandela Foundation; recipient of the South African Literary Awards (SALA) 2015 Lifetime Achieve Award

Adam Shatz
London review of Books; formerly The Nation

Ahdaf Soueif
Novelist and Translator
Works include: In the Eye of the Sun; The Map of Love; I Think of You and Stories of Ourselves

Aja Monet
Works include Inner-City Chants & Cyborg Cyphers; Youngest individual to win the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe Grand Slam title

Alev Adil
Writer, Artist, Scholar

Alex Zucker
English PEN Award for Writing in Translation; Typographical Translation Award; National Translation Award; NEA Literature Fellowshop

Alexis De Veaux

Alice Peck

Alice Walker
Poet and Novelist
Works include: The Color Purple, Possessing the Secret of Joy, Once, Hard Times Require Furious Dancing: New Poems. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction; National Book Award for Fiction; Rosenthal Award from the National Institute of Arts and Letters

Alisa Solomon
Author, Teacher, Dramaturg
Author of Wonder of Wonders: A Cultural History of ‘Fiddler on the Roof”

Alison Kinney
Author of Hood (Object Lessons)

Allan Kolski Horwitz
Poet, Playwright, Musician

Alma ganihar
Winner of Best Fringe Play 2008, the Arab-Hebrew Theater

Amahl Bishara
Professor, Author
Back Stories: U.S. News Production and Palestinian Politics

Ammiel Alcalay
Poet, Translator, Professor
Queens College / Graduate Center, CUNY

Amos Gvirtz
Activist, Author
Founder, a founder of Israelis and Palestinians for Non-Violence, chairperson, Committee Against Home Demolitions

Andrew Hsiao
Senior editor with Verso Books

Andrew Spieldenner
Hofstra University

Angela Davis
Activist and Writer

Anne Germanacos
In the Time of the Girls

Ariel Dorfman
Poet, Playwright
Awards include: Roger L. Stevens Award, Time Out Award, Literary Lion, 1995 Writer’s Guild of Great Britain Award for best feature film, 2002 ALOA Prize

Arun Kundnani
The Muslims are Coming! Islamophobia, extremism, and the domestic War on Terror

Ashraf Kagee
Author & Academic
Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Winner of the European Union Literary Award in 2012 and the South African Literary Award in 2013 for the novel Khalil’s Journey.

Askold Melnyczuk
Works include: What Is Told; Ambassador of the Dead; House of Widows and Excerpt from Smedley’s Secret Guide to World Literature

Asti Hustvedt
Medical Muses: Hysteria in Nineteenth-Century Paris

Audrey Zee Whitesides
Poet, Musician

Aurora Levins Morales
JVP Artists Council. Works include: Getting Home Alive; Medicine Stories; Remedios; Kindling: Writings on the Body

Ayelet Waldman
Works include Love and Treasure; Red Hook Road; and New York Times bestseller Bad Mother: A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamities and Occasional Moments of Grace

Barbara Hammer
Winner of Teddy Award for Best Short Films, Shirley Clarke Avant-Garde Filmmaker Award, Women In Film Award 2006 from the St. Louis International Film Festival

Ben Ehrenrich
Journalist National Magazine Award

Bill Clegg
Literary Agent
Did You Ever Have a Family

Bob Shacochis
Winner of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize for Fiction and National Book Award for First Work of Fiction

Bongani Kona
Shortlisted for Caine Prize for African Writing

Brenda Hillman
Poet, Translator, Professor
Olivia C. Professor of Poetry, Saint Mary’s College of California. Winner of the LA Times Book Award for Poetry; the Griffin Poetry Prize; Northern California Book Award; Recipient of Guggenheim and NEA Fellowships

Brian McKeown
Award-winning Writer, Director, Producer

Burhan Sönmez
Works include North; Sins and Innocents; and Istanbul, Istanbul. Recipient of the Sedat Simavi Literature Prize

Cara Page
Organizer & Writer
Executive Director, Audre Lorde Project

Carl Dennis
Winner of Pulitzer Prize for Poetry; Fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the NEA. Works include Another Reason; Callings; Practical Gods; and Meetings with Time

Carol Sills
Director, Sills/Spolin Theater Works

Carolyn Forché
Poet, Editor, Translator
Director of the Lannan Center for Poetics and Lannan Chair in Poetry at Georgetown University. Works include Gathering the Tribes, Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness; and The Angel of History. Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Award

Casey Llewellyn
Writer and theater maker

Chaitali Sen

Chana Bloch
Poet, Translator

Chavisa Woods
Fiction writer, Poet, Performance Artist
The Albino Album

Chris Mann
Emeritus Professsor of Poetry, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa

Cheryl Clarke
Living As A Lesbian

Christian Hawkey
Ventrakl. Founder and director of Pratt Institute’s MFA in Writing program

Christopher Nelson

Claudia Rankine
Playwright Works include Citizen: An American Lyric. Winner, National Book Critics Circle Award; PEN/Open Book Award; PEN/Open Book Award; Los Angeles Times Book Prize; NAACP Image Award; Forward Prize

Colin Dayan
Awards include Danforth, NEH and Guggenheim fellowships

Corey Robin
Professor of Political Science
Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center

D.A. Gray

Dale Peck
Author, Critic
Works include Sprout. Winner of Lambda Literary Award; Finalist for the Stonewall Book Award. Recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship

Daniel Boyarin
Author of over a dozen books

Daniel Maguire
Professor and Author

Daphne Muse
Writer, Social Commentator and Poet

Darcey Steinke
Works include Up Through the Water; Suicide Blonde; Jesus Saves; and Milk

Darrah Cloud

Dave Eggers
Writer, Editor, Publisher
Works include A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Awards includie PEN Center USA Award of Honor, The New York Times Book Review 10 Best Books, Publishers Weekly’s Best Books, an American Book Award, and two Los Angeles Times Book Awards

David Abram
Cultural Ecologist, Geophilosopher, Performance Artist, Author
Works include Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology, and The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-Human World

David Ball
Winner, French-American Founation 2014 Translation Prize for non-fiction; MLA’s prize for outstanding translation of a literary work in 1995

David Halperin
Theorist, Author
Cofounder of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, Works include: Before Pastoral (1983) and One Hundred Years of Homosexuality

David Herskovits

David Lan
Playwright, Filmmaker, Theatre Director, Social Anthropologist

David Mura
Wrote Turning Japanese (Josephine Miles PEN Oakland Book Award), The Last Incantations, Where the Body Meets Memory.

David Palumbo-Liu
Professor, Writer, Essayist, Editor

David Zellnik
Playwright and Musical Theater Writer

Deborah Eisenberg
Short Story Writer
MacArthur Fellow; Whiting Award; a Guggenheim Fellowship; Winner of the O. Henry Awards; PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction

Deema Shehabi
Poet and editor

Dr. Alice Rothchild
Author, Filmmaker
Broken Promises, Broken Dreams: Stories of Jewish and Palestinian Trauma and Resilience, On the Brink: Israel and Palestine on the Eve of the 2014 Gaza Invasion, contributor to Extraordinary Rendition: (American) Writers on Palestine; Voices Across the Divide

Edwidge Danticat
Novelist and Short Story Writer
The Story Prize, American Book Awards, Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, Lannan Literary Fellowship, National Book Critics Circle Award for Memoir/Autobiography

Eileen Myles
Author, Poet
Author of nineteen books including “I Must Be Living Twice: New & Selected Poems” and “Chelsea Girls”
Winner of four Lambda Book Awards, Guggenheim Fellowship, Shelley Prize, Clark Prize

Elana Dykewomon
Activist, Author, Editor
Winner of Lambda Award

Eliot Weinberger
Primary translator of Octavio Paz into English. Recipient of the National Book Critics Circle prize for criticism. Winner of PEN’s Gregory Kolovakos Award.

Ellen Eisenman

Elly Bulkin
Yours in Struggle: Three Feminist Perspectives on Anti-Semitism and Racism

Emily Skillings
Poet and dancer

Eve Ensler
Playwright, Performer
The Vagina Monologues; Tony Award, Obie Award; Guggenheim Fellowship

F Tinwei Lam
Poet, Author
Works include Intimate Distances, Enter the Chrysanthemum, and the children’s book, The Rainbow Rocket 

Fady Joudah
Poetry collections include The Butterfly’s Burden; Like a Straw Bird it Follows Me, and Other Poems; and Alight. Winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition

Faisal Azam
Writer, Photographer, Award-winning Film Editor

Fiona Khan
Author, Poet, Academic, Environmentalist

Gabeba Baderoon
Author of The Dream in the Next Body; The Museum of Ordinary Life; and A Hundred Silences

Gary Geddes
Poet, Writer
Winner: Canada’s National Poetry Prize and Writers’ Choice Award

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Scholar, Literary Theorist, Feminist Critic
Winner of the Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy

Gayatri Gopinath
NYU Professor
Author of Impossible Desires: Queer Diasporas and South Asian Public Cultures

George Beeferman
Composer, Pianist, Improviser
2016 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow

Githa Hariharan
Works include Almost Home, Finding a Place in the World from Kashmir to New York; Convenor, Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel; Founding Trustee, Indian Writers’ Forum

Glenn Shaheen
Author of the book Predatory. Winner of the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize

Greg Newton
Owner of bookstore The Bureau of General Services—Queer Division

Prof. Haim Bresheeth
Professorial Research Associate
SOAS, London, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Harry Owen

Hatim Kanaaneh
Chief Complaint: A Country Doctor’s Tales of Life in Galilee, A Doctor in Galilee: The Life and Struggle of a Palestinian in Israel

Hayan Charara
Poet, Children’s Book Author
Former president of RAWI (Radius of Arab American Writers)

Heather Raffo
Playwright, Actor
Winner of Susan Smith Blackburn Prize Special Commendation. Marian Seldes-Garson Kanin Fellowship (for 9 Parts of Desire) and Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Solo Show

Heid E. Erdrich
Poet from the Ojibwe nation
Enrolled at Turtle Mountain, North Dakota, USA.

Hilary Plum
They Dragged them through the Streets

Hilton Obenzinger
Novelist, Poet, History
Winner of American Book Award for This Passover or the next, I will never be in Jerusalem

Honor Ford-Smith
Playwright, Scholar, Poet
Associate Professor, Community and Environmental Arts, York University

Iain S. Thomas
Author of I Wrote This For You

Dr. Ilana Hammerman
Editor and Writer

Ingrid de Kok

Irene Suico Soriano
Poet, Literary, Film and Video Curator

Isabella Morris

Ishtiyaq Shukri
Writer, South Africa
Author of The Silent Minaret and I See You. Recipient of the European Union Literary Award

Isobel Dixon
Poet, Literary Agent

Jacqueline Brown
Scholar and Writer

Jacqueline Woodson
Writer of Books for Children and Adolescents
Works include Miracle’s Boys; Show Way; Feathers; Brown Girl Dreaming’ and After Tupac and D Foster. Awards include: Young People’s Poet Laureate by the Poetry Foundation; Margaret A Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement; Newberry Honor Medal; Coretta Scott King Award; National Book Award for Young People’s Literature

Jafar Ramini
Palestinian writer and political analyst living in exile in London

Jaime manrique
Works include Cervantes Street and Our Lives Are the Rivers. Recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship; Winner of Colombia’s National Poetry Award

jaishri abichandani
Winner of Urban Artists Award, NY; Brooklyn Arts Council BRIC Artist’s Honoree; Enfoco New Works Award

Jamil Nasir

James Schamus
Three time Oscar nominee

Jane Hirshfield
Author of The Beauty: Poems and Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World (both Knopf, 2015); recipient of fellowships from the Guggenheim and Rockefeller foundations, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Current chancellor of the Academy of American Poets, 2016 Mohr Visiting Poet at Stanford University

Janet McAdams
Winner: American Book Award

Janlori Goldman
Director, Institutional Advancement and Senior Strategic Advisor at the Center for Community Change; Professor of law, Columbia University and NYU; Co-founder, Center for Democracy and Technology

Jason Grote

Jeffrey Sacks
Author, Professor, Translator
Works include: Iterations of Loss: Mutilation and Aesthetic Form, al-Shidyaq to Darwish

Jen Marlowe
Playwright, Filmmaker
There is a Field

Jen Thorpe
Author of The Peculiars

Jennifer Natalya Fink
Professor, Novelist
Author of Burn and Thirteen Fugues

Jessica Hagedorn
Winner of an American Book Award

Jillian Christmas
Organizer, Poet
Winner of Grand Poetry-Slam Championship titles at the Vancouver BedRocc poetry-slam and the Vancouver Poetry Slam

Joan Hewitt

Joan Morgan
Writer, Cultural Critic

Joan Nestle
Six-time Lambda Literary Award Winner

Joe Amato
Author, Poet

Joel Beinin
Professor of History
Works include: Workers and Thieves: Labor Movements and Popular Uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt; Social Movements, Mobilization, and Contestation in the Middle East and North Africa, co-edited with Frédéric Vairel; and The Struggle for Worker Rights in Egypt

Joan Ferrante
Professor Emirita

John Peterson
Publisher, Editor

Jon Soske
Historian, Scholar
Professor of modern African history at McGill University

Jonathan Tucker
Poet, Teacher, DJ, and Activist

Jorie Graham
Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

Joseph Hutchison
Colorado Poet Laureate

Judith Butler
Philosopher, Theorist
Works include: Gender Trouble, Frames of war: when is life grievable?, Precarious life: the powers of mourning and violence., Undoing Gender. Awards include: Theodor W. Adorno Award, 1999: Guggenheim Fellowship

Kamal Boullatta
Artist, Art Historian

kareem james abu-zeid
Kareem James Abu-Zeid

Karen Finley
Performance Artist

Karen Malpede
Author/director of 16 plays

Kathryn Schulz
Writer, Journalist
Author of Being Wrong and winner of a Pulitzer Prize

Kazim Ali
Poet, Essayist, Translator

Karen Finley
Performance Artist

Karen Malpede
Author/director of 16 plays

Kathryn Schulz
Writer, Journalist
Author of Being Wrong and winner of a Pulitzer Prize

Ken Chen
Poet and Lawyer
Winner: Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition

Keli Garrett

Kevin Killian
Poet, Author, Editor, and Playwright
Co-founder of the Poets Theater and winner of a Lambda Literary Award

Kia Corthron
Winner: United States Artist (USA) Fellow in Theater October 2014, Windham–Campbell Literature Prize in Drama

Kim Jensen
Writer, Professor

Kimberly Blaeser
Wisconsin Poet Laureate

Kopyt Szczepan
Russian Poet

Kristin Prevallet
Poet and essayist

Laila Lalami
Novelist and Essayist
Author of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, Secret Son, and The Moor’s Account

Laura Tanenbaum
Author, Poet, Teacher

Lauren Berlant
Political Theorist

Lawrence Joseph
Author of Into It and Codes, Precepts, Biases, and Taboos

Leah Horlick
Writer, Poet

LeAnne Howe
Winner of the first the MLA Prize for Studies in Native American Literatures, Cultures, and Language as well as the Oklahoma Book Award and the Before Columbus Foundation’s American Book Award

Leila Buck
Writer, Performer, Educator

Lee Sharkey
Writer, Teacher, Editor
Beloit Poetry Journal

Linda Spalding
Fiction and Nonfiction Writer
Author of The Purchase and editor of Brick

Lisa Duggan
Professor of social and cultural analysis at New York University
Author of The Twilight of Equality: Neoliberalism, Cultural Politics and the Attack on Democracy

Lital Levy
Professor, Author
Poetic Trespass: Writing between Hebrew and Arabic in Israel/Palestine

Lois Marie Harrod
Poet, Writer

Luc Sante
Writer and Critic
Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, US & Canada, Whiting Awards, Grammy Award for Best Album Notes

Lucy R. Lippard
Author, Art Critic
Winner, Guggenheim fellowship, Frank Jewett Mather Award for Criticism, 2 NEA grants in criticism

Lynn Nottage
Winner: Pulitzer Prize, MacArthur “Genius Grant” Fellowship, Guggenheim Grant, PEN/Laura Pels Award, Lucille Lortel Fellowship

Lynne Procope
Founder, louderARTS Project Inc.

Maia Tabet
Arabic-English Literary Translator

Manijeh Nasrabadi

Marcia Lynx Qualey
Editor & Journalist

Margaret Ferguson
Distinguished Professor of English
Past President of the Modern Language Association

Margie Orford
President of PEN South Africa, member of PEN’s International Executive Board, Patron–Rape Crisis South Africa, Patron–The Little Hands Trust

Marie Philip

Marietta Elliott-kleerkoper

Marilyn Hacker
Poet, Translator, Critic
Winner: National Book Award, PEN Award for Poetry in Translation, and PEN/Voelcker Award for Poetry

Marilyn Nelson
Honors include: 1990 Connecticut Arts Award, Frost Medal from the Poetry Society of America, Fulbright Teaching Fellowship, two Pushcart Prizes, fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts. Poet Laureate of Connecticut, 2001–2006

Marion Winik
Author, Poet and Professor

Mark Haskell Smith
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter

Mark Heywood
Executive Director of SECTION27

Mark Statman
Writer, Translator, Poet, Professor

Marta Renza

Martha Collins
Poet, Translater
Author of eight books of poetry and co-translator of four volumes of Vietnamese poetry

Martin Wilson
Author of What They Always Tell us

Mary-Terese Cozzola
Resident Playwright

Mary Baine Campbell
American poet, scholar, and professor
She teaches medieval and Renaissance literature, as well as creative writing, at Brandeis University

Mary Gaitskill
American Writer
Author of The Mare, Nominee National Book Award, PEN/Faulkner Award

Mary Jo Bang

Matthew Shenoda
Winner: American Book Award

Maxine Chernoff
Author of six books of fiction and fourteen books of poetry

meena alexander
Writer, Poet

Minni Bruce Pratt
Poet, Essayist
Winner of the Lucille Medwick Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, Lambda Literary Award, Fellowship in Poetry, New Jersey State Council on the Arts, Publishing Triangle’s Audre Lorde Award

MJ Kaufman
Winner: ASCAP Cole Porter Prize in Playwriting, Global Age Project Prize, Jane Chambers Prize in Feminist Theatre

Mohja Kahf
Arab-American poet, Literature professor, Author
Works Include: Emails from Scheherazad, The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf

Molly Crabapple
Artist, Writer, Editor

Molly McGlennen
Author of Fried Fish and Flour Biscuits

Morgan Bassichis
Performance Artist

Moris Farhi
Novelist, Poet
Works include: Children of the Rainbow and Journey through the Wilderness. Former Vice President of PEN International

Moustafa Bayoumi
Writer, Professor
Awards: American Book Award, Best Music Writing 2006, Arab American Book Award

Myrna Kotash
Writer, Journalist

Nada Elia
Educator, Activist
Association of Middle East Women’s Studies, The Critical Ethnic Studies Association, Founding member of the Radical Arab Women’s Activist Network

Nadia Hijab
Analyst, Author

Nancy Kricorian
Winner: Anahid Literary Award, gold medal of the Writers’ Union of Armenia, Daniel Varoujan Award of the New England Poetry Club

Naomi Klein
Journalist, Writer and Filmmaker

Naomi Shihab Nye
Chancellor Emeritus, Academy of American Poets

Naomi W
Playwright, Poet, Screenwriter
Two-time winner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, the Joseph Kesselring Prize, the Fellowship of Southern Writers Drama Award, and an Obie Award

Natasha Trethewey
Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, US Poet Laureate

Natylie Baldwin

Nava EtShalom
Winner: Pew Fellowship in the Arts and 92Y/Boston Review Discovery Prize

Nayland Blake

Nic Alea
Poet, Writer

Nicole Aragi
Literary Agent

Nicole Peyrafitte
Artist Performer

Noam Chomsky
Linguist, Philosopher, Historian, Social Critic
Awards include: Guggenheim Fellowship (1971), APA Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Psychology (1984), Orwell Award (1987, 1989), Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences (1988), Helmholtz Medal (1996), Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science (1999)l Sydney Peace Prize (2011)

Nora Lester Murad

Norman Solomon
Executive Director, Institute for Public Accuracy

Nuar Alsadir
Poet, Essayist, Professor

Nyla Matuk
Sumptuary Laws (2012), nominated for the League of Canadian Poets’ Gerald Lampert Award for a best first book of poetry in Canada and chapbook of poems, Oneiric (2009)

Olga Broumas
Winner: Lambda Literary Award

Olivia Laing
Author, Critic
Winner of fellowships at Yaddo and Macdowell, grants from the Arts Council and the Authors’ Foundation

Orlando White

Patricia Davis
Poet, Essayist, Playwright

Patricia Penn Hilden
Professor Emerita

Patrick Mathelié-Guinlet

Patricia Storace
Poet, Novelist
Whiting Award

Paul Stein

Penny Rosenwasser
Author, Activist
Works include: Hope into Practice, Jewish women choosing justice despite our fears

Peter Balakian
Rebar Professor of the Humanities, Colgate University
Winner of Pulitzer Prize for poetry, PEN/Albrand Prize for Memoir, Raphael Lemkin Prize

Peter Cameron

Peter Trachtenberg
7 Tattoos, The Book of Calamities, and Another Insane Devotion. Recipient of Whiting and Guggenheim Fellowships

Philip Metres
Author of *Sand Opera,* Lannan fellow, member of PEN

phillippa yaa

Pierre Joris
Poet, Translator, Anthologist

Pratibha Parmar
Award-winning Producer, Director, Writer, Editor

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb
Member of JVP Rabbinic Council

Rae Armantrout
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

Rafeef Ziadah
Performance Poet, Human Rights Activist
Works include Hadeel

Raja Shehadeh
Writer, Lawyer
Works include Strangers in the House, and Palestinian Walks. Winner of the Orwell Prize

Ramola D
Fiction-Writer, Poet, Editor, Independent Journalist, Blogger, Activist
Author, Temporary Lives (UMass Press, 2009), Invisible Season (WWPH, 1998) NEA Fellow, 2005

Randa Jarrar
Novelist, Essayist
Works includ A map of Home, and Him, Me, Muhammad Ali

Raymond Deane
Composter, Author

Raymond Louw
Vice-President of PEN South Africa

Raymond Suttner
Author and Scholar

Remi Kanazi
Works include Before the Next Bomb Drops: Rising Up From Brooklyn to Palestine

Reuben Woolley
Works include The King is Dead, Dying Notes, Skins. Oneiros Books, Runner up: the Erbacce Poetry competition 2015

Richard Falk
United Nations Special Rapporteur, Guggenheim Fellowship for Social Sciences, US & Canada

Rick Simonson
Chief Bookseller
Elliot Bay Book Company

Rickey Laurentiis

Rita Dove
U.S. Poet Laureate (1993-95), Pulitzer Prize, National Medal of Arts

Rita Mae Reese
Poet, Fiction Writer
Works include: The Book of Hulga and The Alphabet Conspiracy.

Rob Lipton
Poet and Writer

Robert Bernard Hass
Poet, Literary Critic, Professor

Robert Hershon
Poet and Author

Robert Shetterly
Artist and Activist
Works include Americans Who Tell the Truth

Robin D. G. Kelley
Professor of History, UCLA
Winner: PEN Open Book Award, Guggenheim Fellowship

Rochelle Nichols-Solomon
Education Specialist
Founder of The Notebook

Ron Silliman
Poet, Critic
Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere

Rosemund Handler

Roy chicky arad
Poet, Scriptwriter, Artist
Editor of Maayan Magazine

Ru Freeman
Novelist, Journalist
Works include A Disobedient Girl, On Sal Mal Lane. Winner: Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize for Fiction

Russell Banks
Novelist, Poet
Works include Continental Drift, Rule of the Bone, Cloudsplitter, The Sweet Hereafter and Affliction. Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Ruti Kantor
Designer and Lecturer in Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and Shenkar College for Design and Engineering in Tel Aviv

Sabrina Mahfouz
Poet, Playwright, & Performer

Sal Amendola
DC Comics

Saleem Haddad
Fiction Writer, Essayist
Author of Guapa

Sami Shalom Chetrit
Poet, Novelist, Essayist
Works: Phreha Shem Yafe, Shirim Beashdodit, On Ein Habuba

Samiya Bashir
Winner, Lesbian Poetry Award from the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Finalist, Lambda Literary Award

Sara Ahmed
Political Theorist
Winner of the FWSA Book Prize

Sarah Porter
Author, Artist
Works Include Lost Voices, Waking Storms, The Twice Lost, Vassa in the Night

Sarah Riggs
Poet, Essayist, Translator, Core Faculty of the Pratt MFA in Writing and Social Justice
Author of Chain of Minuscule Decisions in the Form of a Feeling, and seven other books of poetry

Sarah Schulman
Distinguished Professor of the Humanities, City University of New York-College of Staten Island, Playwright, Novelist.
Winner: Guggenheim Fellowship, NYFA Scholar, Two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships

Selina Hastings
Journalist and Author

Shailja Patel
Winner: Sundance Theatre Fellowship, Creation Fund Award from the National Performance Network, Fanny-Ann Eddy Poetry Award from IRN-Africa, Voices of Our Nations Poetry Award, Lambda Slam Championship, Outwrite Poetry Prize; named one of Fifty Inspirational African Feminists by the African Women’s Development Fund

Shelley Ettinger
Vera’s Will

Siamak Vossoughi
Better Than War, Awards: 2014 Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction

Simone Zelitch
Works include: Judenstaat, Waveland, Louisa, Moses in Sinai, The Confession of Jack Straw

Sinan Antoon
Poet, Novelist, Scholar
Works: Ya Maryam, National Translation Award for Mahmoud Darwish’s In the Presence of Absence

Stacy Szymaszek
Poet, Author
Works include: hart island, Emptied of All Ships, Hyperglossia, numerous chapbooks of poetry

Steven Robins
Professor, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Solmaz Sharif
Teacher, Editor, King’s College
Works: Her Various Scalpels and The, Cinema of Sally Potter: A Politics of Love

Susan Abulhawa
Works: Mornings in Jenin, The Blue Between Sky and Water. Best Books Award in Historical Fiction

Susan Eisenberg
Poet, Artist, Analyst, Educator

Susan Muaddi Darraj
Professor, Author
Works include: A Curious Land: Stories from Home, The Inheritance of Exile

Susan Wheeler
Works: Ledger and Record Palace, Winner: Guggenheim Fellowship, New York Foundation in the Arts Fellowship

Suzanne Gardinier

Suzy Exposito
Writer, Illustrator
Rolling Stone Magazine

Tal Nitzan
Poet, Editor, Translator
Two-time winner of the Ministry of Culture’s Translation Prize and an honorary medal from Chile’s president for translation of Pablo Neruda’s poetry

Tariq Al Haydar
Poet, Journalist, Professor

Tavia Nyong’o
Cultural Critic, Historian, Performance Studies Scholar

Tayari Jones
Fiction writer
Author of Leaving Atlanta and Silver Sparrow. Winner of the Hurston-Wright Legacy Award for debut fiction

Tema Okun
Works include: The Emperor Has No Clothes: Teaching About Race and Racism to People Who Don’t Want to Know

Tessara Dudley
Author and Educator


Thomas Naff
Emeritus Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Tikva Honig-Parnass
Free-lance author and editor, political sociologist, anti-zionist socialist
Author of False Prophets of Peace.

Tony Geballe
Guitarist, musician, composer and sound designer

Traci Kato-Kiriyama
Writer, Performer
Creator of PULLproject, and founder of Tuesday Night Project

Tracy K. Smith
Poet, Professor
Winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for Life on Mars

Vanessa Huang
Poet, Artist, Cultural Worker

Viet Thanh Nguyen
Fiction Writer, Professor
Author of The Sympathizer, 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction

Zakes Mda
Novelist, Playwright, Painter, Filmmaker

Zehra Naqvi

And Hundreds More Signers in the Literary Field