Fundraising Approach


Our Approach

JVP relies on a broad community of donor-activists to sustain our work. We see the sharing of financial resources as an important political and personal act. In addition to money, our donors share their personal experiences, political insights, labor, community relationships and creativity within JVP.

We strive to build strong donor relationships based on clear communication, trust, and a shared vision of justice for all peoples. We value our donors’ privacy, and recognize the reality that some supporters face communal and institutional backlash for supporting JVP. We have a proven track-record safeguarding donor privacy according to the needs of individual donors.

We know that receiving a donation is a financial but also political investment from each of our donors, and take seriously the responsibility to put each gift to the maximum possible use.

Core Principles

  • building a broad and diverse donor community
  • amplifying the power of each individual gift through a strong and efficient infrastructure;
  • informing our donors fully and honestly of JVP’s successes and challenges and providing opportunities for donors to share feedback with us
  • respecting donor privacy and communication needs;
  • adhering to all applicable laws and best practices in our financial administration and reporting.

Donor Privacy

We take donor privacy seriously and can work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

We will not share or sell any donor’s personal information with anyone else or send mailings or email on behalf of other organizations. When we do partner with allies on joint campaigns, you will always have a clear choice to share your information with that partner or not.

Gift Acceptance Policy

JVP accepts gifts from any individual and institution that shares our commitment to full equality, human rights, and international law. We reserve the right to decline gifts from individuals or organizations that advocate viewpoints that fundamentally contradict our values, particularly those based in racism, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism.

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