Our vision

We envision a world where all people — from the U.S. to Palestine — live in freedom, justice, equality, and dignity.

Like generations of Jewish leftists before us, we fight for the liberation of all people. We believe that through organizing, we can and will dismantle the institutions and structures that sustain injustice and grow something new, joyful, beautiful, and life-sustaining in their place...



Jewish Voice for Peace is the largest progressive Jewish anti-Zionist organization in the world. We’re organizing a grassroots, multiracial, cross-class, intergenerational movement of U.S. Jews into solidarity with the Palestinian freedom struggle, guided by a vision of justice, equality, and dignity for all people.

If you’ve been looking for a political home for Jews on the left in this perilous moment; if you’ve been wanting a Jewish community with justice at the center; if you’ve been looking to turn your rage and grief into meaningful, strategic action: Join us. You belong here.


  • Accountability to Palestinian Partners

    Our accountability to Palestinian partners is an ongoing process: of deep listening, continual relationship-building, and genuine re-assessment. We are accountable to Palestinian-led organizations and coalitions that represent, and are themselves accountable to, Palestinian communities and who share the values of freedom, justice, and equality for all people. 

  • Commitment to Jewish Communities

    We organize our people and we resist Zionism because we love Jews, Jewishness, and Judaism. Our struggle against Zionism is not only an act of solidarity with Palestinians, but also a concrete commitment to creating the Jewish futures we all deserve. We are fighting for a thriving Judaism and Jewish communities, for a multiplicity of Jewish cultures and for the future of the Jewish people.

  • Racial Justice & Collective Liberation

    Our commitment to racial justice is a core praxis in our work, by which we mean an ongoing cycle of action and reflection within which we are striving to dismantle racism–both outside and within the organization–while also working to grow a liberatory culture for our organizing. 



Each year, we report on our challenges and triumphs alongside our partners in the struggle for Palestinian liberation. Read our report from 5783 — October 2022 to September 2023.


Our call for a permanent ceasefire is about saving lives. With every passing minute that the US refuses to call for a full and robust ceasefire, more Palestinians are being killed. Palestinians in Gaza have been incredibly clear on what they need in the moment: an immediate ceasefire. Ceasefire includes the diplomacy that will allow for full release of hostages, including Palestinians taken into prison without trial by Israel, and will allow us to begin to address the catastrophic humanitarian crisis inside Gaza.

We also are listening to the grieving families of those taken hostage by Hamas,  families who have advocated for a permanent ceasefire and diplomatic negotiations to bring their loved ones home. Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of Gaza puts Israeli hostages at life-threatening risk. And the Israeli government has made it clear that they are prioritizing their genocidal campaign over the release of hostages. We believe that an immediate ceasefire is a moral imperative to save the lives of every person in Gaza, including hostages.

We recognize a ceasefire is not the end of this work — JVP has been organizing for Palestinian liberation for nearly 30 years and we are committed to this movement for the long-haul. We work closely with Palestinian-led movement organizations on the ground and in the U.S. to ensure we are being strategic, impactful, and accountable.

JVP has a specific, critical role to play in the movement for Palestinian liberation. As Jews, we work to answer the call of our Palestinian partners to build a Jewish movement that can effectively form a counterweight to Jewish Zionist support for Israeli apartheid. That often includes defending our Palestinian partner organizations, when they are accused of antisemitism for criticizing the policies of the Israeli state. 

Our role in the movement for Palestinian freedom is to shake the U.S.-Israel alliance by fundamentally changing the financial, cultural, and political calculus of Jewish support for Israeli apartheid and for Zionism. 

As a Jewish organization, we understand deeply and personally the threat of antisemitism and believe that antisemitism is completely incompatible with any movement for collective liberation. We understand antisemitism as historically contextual, situated amidst interrelated conditions and struggles.

We fight antisemitism within, and as part of, broader struggles against oppression and for collective liberation. For instance, white nationalist violence has been on the rise in the U.S., fueled by anti-immigrant and racist manifestos, sentiments, and conspiracy theories, such as the “great replacement” theory. Jews are among the targets of white nationalist violence, along with Black people, immigrants, Muslims, and trans and queer people, among others.

Our safety is bound together with the safety of all people, and none of us is free if we aren’t all free. For more, you can see some examples of how we approach the work of dismantling antisemitism.

We do our work to organize our people and we resist Zionism because we love Jews, Jewishness, and Judaism. Our struggle against Zionism is not only an act of solidarity with Palestinians, but also a concrete commitment to creating the Jewish futures we all deserve.


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