We’re still fighting for ceasefire.

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The UN has finally passed a ceasefire resolution — and we know that the continued pressure of the Palestine solidarity movement is crucial for this resolution to have a lasting effect. That’s why Jewish Voice for Peace members, chapters, pods, and coalitions haven’t stopped pushing, across the country, for an end to this genocide, an end to the Israeli siege on Gaza, and an end to U.S. support for the Israeli apartheid regime.

Our movement is here for the long haul. We’re not letting up in our escalation, because we know we need a ceasefire NOW, and an immediate end to the Israeli government’s starvation of Palestinians in Gaza.

It’s clear that we’re not going anywhere. Here’s just some of the recent coverage of the work of JVP and our partner organizations, and our role in building a Jewish left that stands firmly against the oppression of Palestinians and is struggling towards collective liberation for all of us.

UN Security Council’s Gaza Cease-Fire Resolution Is Not Enough—But It’s a Start, Common Dreams, March 25, 2024.

“But even if the resolution is not all it should be, its passage still represents a powerful global rejection of the U.S.-backed Israeli assault against Palestinians in Gaza, and an important expression of support for the South African-led intervention at the International Court of Justice designed to prevent or stop Israeli genocide and to hold Israel accountable for its crimes.”

Phyllis Bennis, JVP Board Member

US-Based Jewish Voice for Peace Sees Progress on Gaza, Anadolu Agency, March 12, 2024.

“We were victims of genocide ourselves, and we are not going to allow the genocide of another people. That’s not what it means to be Jewish. And so, we will not let this genocide happen, and we do think it’s genocide. We think that what the Israelis are doing is trying to eliminate the Palestinian people in Gaza.”

Esther Farmer, JVP-NYC

Calling for Ceasefire in Gaza Is How I’m Honoring My Dad, a Holocaust Survivor, Teen Vogue, March 5, 2024.

“The US Jewish community is in the middle of a radical ideological shift. Today’s young people are telling us where US Jewish life is heading in the future, and it’s up to middle-aged rabbis like me to listen.”

Rabbi Elliot Kukla, JVP Rabbinical Council 

Gaza and the Rise of the Jewish Left, Hammer and Hope, March 2024.

“As the largest progressive Jewish organization in the world committed to Palestinian liberation, we have the responsibility to build a mass grassroots movement of U.S. Jews that has the power to counter the specific role that Jewish Zionist organizations play in upholding the U.S.-Israel alliance.”

Stefanie Fox, JVP Executive Director

The anti-Zionist Jews countering mainstream support for Israel, Religion News Service, March 11, 2024.

“The situation is so urgent that I strongly feel that we need to be doing everything that we can to stop the genocide, especially because this is a U.S.-made genocide.”

Jacob Ginn, JVP-Chicago

How Israel hides its atrocities in Gaza, Salon, March 24, 2024.

“We are rabbis representing hundreds of thousands of Jews affiliated with Jewish Voice for Peace Action imploring our leaders to end their complicity in the Israeli military’s genocidal campaign in the name of tzedek (justice) and real safety for all people.”

Rabbi May Ye, JVP Rabbinical Council

Months into war, how have Seattle activists kept eyes on a cease-fire?, The Seattle Times, March 24, 2024.

“For every public action, there’s hundreds, if not thousands, of small things that individuals are doing every single day to try to keep this front of mind and not let it drop off the radar.”

Ledah Wilcox, JVP-Seattle

Are Local Pro-Israel and Cease-fire Actions Still Making an Impact?, Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, March 13, 2024.

“As we enter the fifth month of protesting the Israeli government’s genocidal war on Palestinians in Gaza, popular support for a permanent and lasting cease-fire has only gotten stronger. And yet, despite the mass appeal of a cease-fire to save lives, our elected officials continue to refuse to demand a cease-fire and our government continues to send weapons and military funds to the Israeli government.” 

Sonya Meyerson-Knox, JVP Communications Director

1,000 Gaza protesters rally in Hollywood ahead of Oscars, blocking traffic, Los Angeles Times, March 10, 2024.

“I just can’t sit home today watching an awards show when a genocide is going on in the name of my people and with a previous genocide having happened to my people. I was raised believing it’s a collective responsibility from preventing that from anyone else.”

Miguel Camnitzer, JVP-LA

LA Protesters Block Traffic, Chanting “No Oscars During Genocide”, Hyperallergic, March 10, 2024.

“I’ve been in this movement since the 1970s. It’s important for us today to not turn away, to not let ourselves be distracted by the Oscars, and to amplify our call for a ceasefire.”

Sarah Jacobus, JVP-LA

Pro-Palestinian Protest Blocks Traffic Near Academy Awards Venue, Newsweek, March 10, 2024.

“We need our filmmakers and our artists to speak out. This is not the time for business as usual.”

Sarah Jacobus, JVPLA

Billion-Dollar Jewish Communal Fund Bars Donations to Progressive Jewish Group, The Intercept, March 14, 2024.

“Jewish Communal Fund is blocking one of its Jewish fundholders from donating to Jewish Voice for Peace — how ironic is that? And this is all just because JVP believes that everyone should have equal rights and a right to vote for the state that rules them — that’s it.”

Jordan Bollag

Controversy Grows After ‘Zone of Interest’ Director Jonathan Glazer Uses Oscar Speech to Condemn the Israel-Hamas War, Variety, March 13, 2024.

“Glazer speaks for the massive and growing number of Jews who honor our histories by joining our Palestinian siblings in their struggle for freedom and justice.”

Stefanie Fox, JVP Executive Director

Jewish Progressives Stage Sit-In at Hakeem Jeffries’ Office to Protest AIPAC Influence, Common Dreams, March 12, 2024.

“Our Jewish communities are rising up to say, ‘Never again is now.'”

JVP Action

Jewish Voice for Peace Occupies Hakeem Jeffries’s Office as 20+ Orgs Launch “Reject AIPAC” Coalition, Democracy Now, March 14, 2024.

The Suppressed Lineage of American Jewish Dissent on Zionism, Jewish Currents, March 2024.

“Membership in IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace has surged, and both groups have staged frequent acts of civil disobedience in cities across the country to protest Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza.”

Candace Owens and the Far-Right Influencer Who Helped Make Antisemitism Mainstream, Mother Jones, March 22, 2024.

War in Gaza: Local action and the Uncommitted vote, The Real Story, March 22, 2024.


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