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The largest U.S. union yet calls for a ceasefire as Israel resumes its genocide.


The movement for ceasefire got a lot bigger today, when the United Auto Workers announced their support outside the White House.

They’re now the largest U.S. national union to join the call for ceasefire: a major win for solidarity between the labor and Palestinian liberation movements.

The union made the announcement this morning in D.C., alongside Palestinian organizers and solidarity activists who have been on a week-long hunger strike to demand an immediate ceasefire.

Given the avalanche of international support for a permanent ceasefire, and the devastation that the Israeli military’s genocidal campaign has already wreaked on Gaza, it may seem shocking that Israel allowed the temporary ceasefire to end today. The Israeli military has already resumed airstrikes, killing dozens of Palestinians in mere hours.

The truth is that the Israeli government is feeling the immense international pressure for a permanent ceasefire. The window of time for the Israeli military to continue its genocidal campaign in Gaza is closing. So their campaign of death and destruction has resumed with new urgency.

But while they’re fighting to destroy as many lives as possible, our movement for ceasefire and Palestinian liberation is fighting on the side of life. Our pressure is working, but just as it’s clear that the Israeli government is hell-bent on genocide, it’s also clear that we must push for an immediate end to the violence with more urgency than ever.

MSNBC has canceled Mehdi Hasan

MSNBC announced on Thursday that it was canceling Mehdi Hasan’s Sunday night opinion show on the network. Many see this as blatant censorship: Mehdi’s incisive coverage of Israel in a political climate of repression and intimidation is rare and deeply necessary.

The public needs his perspective — most recently, holding American and Israeli officials accountable to serious public concerns regarding Israel’s killing of thousands of civilians in Gaza.

Join us in calling on MSNBC to keep Mehdi the host of his own show!

NOTE: Mehdi will be on for the next few weeks until this change takes effect.

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