Media Roundup: We’re demanding a permanent ceasefire — and working towards lasting peace.

23.10 NYC shofar not in our name

At least 15,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza. Thousands more are trapped under the rubble. We don’t know exactly how many have died: With the collapse of Gaza’s healthcare system, it’s become impossible to count the dead.

A “pause” in the Israeli military’s genocide against Palestinians is not enough. That’s why we’re stepping up the fight for a permanent ceasefire: to ensure that there can be no business as usual as long as Israel is carrying out a genocide in our names.

But our work doesn’t end at a permanent ceasefire: We’re fighting for real and lasting peace, something that can only come by ending Israeli apartheid and oppression of Palestinians.

Not in Their Name: Jewish Voice for Peace doesn’t just oppose the war; it challenges the link between Jewish identity and support for Israel, New York Magazine, November 27, 2023

“We built such incredible trust through organizing together through the years. That has prepared us to be able to recognize our role and be able to move together through this crisis.”

-Jay Saper, JVP-NYC

Pro-Cease-fire Activists Shut Down Manhattan Bridge for Hours, The New York Times, November 26, 2023

“We needed to continue to raise our voices and continue to speak out because there’s thousands of Palestinians that are under the rubble right now.”

-Jay Saper, JVP-NYC

​​Our Queer and Jewish Grief Must Fuel Our Fight to Let Gaza Live, Them, November 28, 2023

“Grief keeps us connected to our humanity during inhumane times, and nothing could be more human right now than demanding a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.”

-Rabbi Elliot Kukla

Protesters demand ceasefire in Gaza, shut down Manhattan Bridge Sunday, Spectrum News NY1, November 27, 2023

“The entire world is saying let the people of Gaza live.”

Elena Stein, JVP Director of Organizing Strategy

Biden’s next step: A blunt conversation with Netanyahu for lasting ‘peace’, The Hill, November 29, 2023

“Right now, our demand is still for a full permanent cease-fire — and Washington needs to call for it. Lives are at stake. And history is watching.”

-Phyllis Bennis, JVP International Advisor

Meet the Jewish Americans taking a stand against Israel’s actions in Gaza, The National, November 28, 2023

“It’s our moment to decide what it means to be Jewish. I’m very heartened by the number of Jewish people stepping up and saying, ‘not in my name.’”

-Joshua Feinstein, JVP-Michigan

“We are absolutely horrified”: Jewish activists demanding Gaza ceasefire face personal cost, Salon, November 25, 2023

“I see so many people coming and saying they’re doing this, not in spite of their Judaism or Jewish heritage, but because of their Judaism and because of their heritage. That they were taught — thank God — they were taught in a Jewish education that every life is sacred.”

-Rabbi Miriam Grossman

Vermont delegation, organizers respond to 4-day pause agreement in Israel-Hamas war, Vermont Public, November 22, 2023

“Our role as American Jews is to pressure our own government, who was absolutely complicit in supporting the continued violence and and terrible atrocities committed by the Israeli military, inflicting collective punishment on the civilian population of Palestinians, both in Gaza and the West Bank.”

-Jamie Spector, JVP-VT

Oakland City Council unanimously passes resolution calling for permanent cease-fire in Gaza, CBS Bay Area, November 27, 2023

“I think we have to keep the pressure up. Because, so far, it’s still a temporary cease-fire and that’s not satisfactory. What we can’t have happen is for the cease-fire to end and Israel to go back to visiting its violence on the people in Gaza.”

-Ellen Brotsky, JVP-Bay Area

‘We stand against genocide’: Gaza peace protesters target New York Christmas tree lighting, The Guardian, November 30, 2023

“That people didn’t stay indoors, that they came out into the streets on a freezing night to take action … that I think speaks to how incredibly urgent it is for all of us to do everything that we can.”

Jay Saper, JVP-NYC

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