Netayanhu’s far-right coalition has again escalated the violent and extremist goals of the Israeli government


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Following yesterday’s vote in the Israeli Knesset, the government has officially begun the passage of a series of laws that seek to consolidate power and more deeply entrenched apartheid and settler colonial rule over Palestinians.

While Israel has never been a democracy, yesterday’s vote is still a marked change in the Israeli government that will have deadly consequences. The unchecked agenda of an authoritarian regime set on expanding decades-old apartheid to its fullest manifestation will escalate longstanding state violence against Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Palestinian citizens of Israel. It is also beginning to impact and endanger Jewish-Israeli citizens.

Netayanhu’s far-right and corrupt coalition has fully exposed and escalated the violent and extremist goals that the Israeli government has pushed forward for decades and are showing once and for all that there is no democracy unless it’s democracy for all.

“Make no mistake, the judicial reform underway is directly tied to decades of Israeli apartheid and oppression of Palestinians.” said Eran Efrati, Director of Campaigns and Partnerships with Jewish Voice for Peace. ”As the far-right has continued to rise in Israel by promising increasingly devastating violence and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, these same actors are extending Israeli sovereignty from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea without even a semblance of a judicial check on governmental and military power.”

“Support for social justice movement tactics long advocated for by Palestinian civil society is now emerging in unexpected places, including boycotts and withholding U.S. military funding,” said Stefanie Fox, executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace. “Now is the moment for American Jews to wake up and join the Palestinian call for liberation.”

Eran Efrati and Stefanie Fox are available to speak with the media.


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