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Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich is a racist who wants Palestinians dead.


Many Zionists would have the public believe that Smotrich is a “bad apple,” and that his genocidal incitement is an exception to Israel’s supposed democratic values. But Smotrich is simply saying out loud longstanding de-facto Israeli government policy: try to wipe Palestinians off of the map.

On March 12, Smotrich is scheduled to travel to the U.S. to speak at the Israel Bonds conference. Israel Bonds were already bad for Palestinians before Smotrich became their poster boy. These bonds are a major fundraising source for Israeli state infrastructure and development, bringing in billions of dollars from entities as diverse as 80 U.S. state and municipal governments, the American Federation of Teachers, and the Jewish Federation.

Despite the organization’s assertion that bond money doesn’t fund the Israeli military, material support for Israel’s apartheid regime absolutely contributed to the displacement of Palestinians, the expansion of settlements, and unchecked settler violence, seen most recently in Huwara.

See JVP’s NYC protest on MSNBC

This past Sunday, JVP-NYC channeled outrage into action and turned out 500+ people in the streets to march on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s home, right as he returned from a trip to Israel where he embraced Netanyahu and pledged the Senate’s “fullest support” for the apartheid state.

Protestors shut down his block, thronging it with people demanding an end to all U.S. military funding to Israel.

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