The Israeli Government is inciting a new phase of violence

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As the tally of lives lost in Palestine and Israel continues to grow, it becomes increasingly clear that the Israeli government has launched a new phase of state violence against Palestinians.

On Thursday, the Israeli military launched an attack that killed ten Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp. In response, earlier today, there was a lethal attack near a synagogue in a settlement outside of Jerusalem by a Palestinian, where seven Jewish Israelis were killed. Already in 2023, the Israeli army has killed almost 30 Palestinians. This is the inevitable, horrifying, outcome of decades of Israeli apartheid. 

We grieve for all this unthinkable loss. And with our grief, we also rage. The Israeli government’s domination and oppression of Palestinians is the root cause of each of these senseless, tragic deaths. 

The violent, racist speech coming from the Israeli government makes it clear that the Israeli military will continue to escalate its violent attacks on Palestinians. Already the Israeli army has invaded Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem. 

What we are witnessing is not a “conflict,” a “clash,” or a “war” between two equal parties. There is no mistaking the massive disparity of power between the Israeli government and the Palestinians it targets. Backed by $3.8 billion in annual military funding from the U.S. government, the Israeli government controls, dominates and dispossesses Palestinian lives and lands.

We are on the side of unconditional commitment to justice, equality, freedom and dignity for all people, no exceptions. To achieve a future where all are safe and free, we must end the Israeli government’s settler-colonial apartheid regime. 


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