Kindle the People’s Menorah


Come celebrate Hanukkah this year building a radical, loving, anti-Zionist Jewish movement for liberation.

This year, we are shining a light on abolition — the movement of activists and scholars that are trying to think beyond prisons as a tool to solve society’s problems. Come learn about the connections between this movement and the movement for Palestinian freedom, experience performances, or deepen your Jewish practice.

We are in isolating, frightening times. Come to any or all nights and sharpen your analysis, take action, and be with family.

All Events are at 5pm Pacific / 8 Eastern

Health Advisory Council Presents: Israeli State Violence and the Public Health Implications for Palestinian Citizens of Israel
Thursday December 10
5pm PT / 8pm ET

Featuring Al-Shabaka Policy Network member Osama Tanous, who will explore the structural violence and discrimination that has severe implications for Palestinian public health.

Artists for Abolition
Friday, December 11
5pm PT / 8pm ET

An outstanding line-up of actors, dancers, spoken word artists and poets bring their heart and talents to shine light on abolition, anti-zionism and anti-racism. You will not want to miss celebrating this second night of Hanukkah with these artists and their offerings. Featuring Kayhan Irani, Erik Andrade, Mar Parilla, and Sara A. Rasheed.

Torah of Abolition
Saturday, December 12
5pm PT / 8pm ET

On this third night of Hanukkah, join Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari and Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg to explore texts on teshuva, focusing on Rambam’s Hilchot Teshuva (laws of teshuva), as a way into imagining Jewishly rooted transformative justice practices and non-carceral frameworks of communal responses to harm. We will study these texts and then discuss how we can apply them to our organizing work, within our organizations and JVP chapters, and when confronted with harm perpetrated by our opposition.

A Very Unruly Hanukkah
Sunday, December 13
5pm PT / 8pm ET

Stuck at home for Hanukkah? Unruly and the BIJOCSM Network are partnering for a night of live art, poetry, and performances so we can celebrate together from the comfort of our own homes! BIJOCSM, BIPOC, and Palestinian artists will be sharing their work during an hour long live Hanukkah special hosted by Unruly editors Danny Bryck and Rebecca Pierce. Help us kick 2020 out the door with some joy, art, and radical love!

JVP-NYC Presents: Light it up! A Hanukkah Party
Monday, December 14
5pm PT / 8pm ET

A JVP-NYC Hanukkah party benefiting the work of the Adalah Justice Project, the Palestinian-led organization organizing towards Palestinian freedom and collective liberation. All are invited! Hosted by Morgan Bassichis & Una Aya Osato, with performances and surprise guests!

Dismantling Antisemitism, Winning Justice
Tuesday, December 15
5pm PT / 8pm ET

Join social justice movement and political leaders as they share what fighting antisemitism looks like to them and how it connects to their own liberation struggles. Featuring Rabbi Alissa Wise, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Peter Beinart, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, and Dr. Barbara Ransby.

Prison Abolition: An International Struggle
Wednesday, December 16
5pm PT / 8pm ET

Abolition means much more than an end to brick-and-mortar prisons. Abolition as a framework ignites our imagination for how we live in the world. Join as we learn from Families for Justice as Healing, an organization putting that imagination into practice.

Fight the Deadly Exchange
Thursday, December 17
5pm PT / 8pm ET

On the last night of Hanukkah, JVP members and supporters nationally will be meeting to convene a space for collective action, ritual, and poetry to condemn US-Israeli law enforcement exchanges and offer an alternative vision of Jewish community beyond policing. Join us to keep the Hanukkah flame of abolition from the US to Palestine lit!


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