No annexation. No apartheid.

July 1, 2020
Contact: Sonya E Meyerson-Knox | | 929-290-0317

JVP Statement on Israel’s impending annexation of Palestinian land:

No to annexation. Yes to a shared future. Yes to the Palestinian right of return.

This is the day, we’ve been told, that Israel can begin formally annexing Palestinian land. That, with the explicit blessings of the U.S. government, Israel can expand its land theft, forcibly expel Palestinians from their homes, and concretize an apartheid regime over Palestinian families.

This is the day, we’ve been told, that all we can do is say NO. That, despite our petitions and our demonstrations and our lobbying efforts and unprecedented gains with our elected officials and the incredible work of Palestinian activists across the world, that despite all of that, Israeli annexation can move ahead. And Jewish Voice for Peace is proud to join the massive international movement of Palestinian solidarity in saying NO. No, not just in word but in deed, in refusing complicity by ending U.S. funding for Israeli injustice. No annexation, no apartheid.

We can do more than say no. We can say YES. Yes to a shared future. Yes to a shared history. Yes to envisioning and working towards the future we want. One that challenges the colonial myth of Zionism and ensures accountability for the ongoing Nakba – and from that creates a society of equals. One that builds a Judaism beyond Zionism. One that grows a different world, where everyone is safe from harm and everyone has a sense of belonging. And one that, most of all, says YES to the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.

This is the day when, in hope, in love, we hold fast to the vision of Palestinians welcomed home.

We say yes to a future where everyone, including Palestinians and Jewish Israelis, lives freely in vibrant, safe and equitable communities.


To learn more:

  • The BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights – their FAQs on the Practicality of Return is a great place to start
  • Zochrot, an Israeli NGO that promotes acknowledgment and accountability for the ongoing injustices of the Nakba
  • Adalah Justice Project, a Palestinian advocacy organization that believes equality, freedom, and justice are universal human rights
  • B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories – check out their interactive timeline of Palestinian dispossession


Back in the mid-90s, three young Jewish women realized they could no longer keep silent about Israel’s occupation – and decided to do something about it. Watch their story – our story – here.



Researching the American Israeli Alliance and Jewish Voice for Peace’s report reveals the extent of massive training programs between U.S. law enforcement and Israeli police, military, and the Shin Bet.

End the Deadly Exchange

When US law enforcement trade tactics with the Israeli police and military, Israel deepens its military occupation and the US heightens its violence of policing. Tell the Truth

Days ago, bowed to pro-Israel activists and started describing all of Jerusalem as a “city in Israel” – literally erasing Palestinian East Jerusalem. Let’s get to tell the truth: East Jerusalem is occupied territory.

Senators: Investigate Israeli Violence!

No one should be killed for taking part in a peaceful protest. It’s up to us to call on progressive Senators to investigate Israel’s massacre in Gaza that killed over 100 Palestinians wounded 12,000 others.

Huge Palestinian march with text overlaid reading "support the #greatreturnmarch"