Who is Live Streaming in 5780


Meet the phenomenal communities offering live streaming of their Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Services.

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Kehilla Community Synagogue
Bay Area, CA

Kehilla is a community of social progressives and spiritual seekers: a participatory, musical, celebratory and democratic congregation of all ages, identities and family constellations.

Kehilla observance traditions include rousing music, contemplative music, prayer, meditation, and dance. How do we collectively access our deepest selves surrounded and supported by our community? How do we re energize ourselves to continue our work for justice in the world in the coming year? We rediscover the secret each year.


Boston Workmen’s Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice
Boston, MA
A community & spiritual home for secular Jewish life; A voice for Jewish values rooted in social justice;
An arts & education center rooted in Yiddishkayt, and celebrating diverse Jewish and progressive cultures.

Our secular lay-led High Holiday services are rooted in social justice that weave together readings, reflection, and singing. Whatever your level of Jewish knowledge – however you might define your own spirituality – we invite you to join us.

We are a vibrant, intergenerational community with over 600 dues paying members. We are among the oldest Jewish institutions in the region with a continuous history of more than a century in the Boston area.

We are rooted in the radical traditions of Yiddishkayt, mutual-aid, and workers’ rights. We are committed to resisting assimilation and centering the culture of diverse Jewish ancestors in our work for liberation and social justice. Together, we work to build an equitable and inclusive community that is actively working against racism and all forms of oppression.


Nevei Kodesh
Boulder, CO

Congregation Nevei Kodesh is a renewal congregation building a dynamic, inclusive, multigenerational, participatory community dedicated to renewing Jewish tradition through engaged spiritual practice, vibrant song, meaningful study, and responsible social action.  Greet the new year with ceremony, embodied ritual, and contemplation of our collective responsibility for one another, supported by exquisite music and collective prayer.


Tzedek Chicago
Chicago, IL

We are an intentional congregation rooted in core values that guide the life of our community. We draw our inspiration from Torah’s central story of liberation, from the voices of prophets who courageously spoke truth to power, from the chutzpah of ancient rabbis who responded to the reality of exile with a vision of healing and righteousness and from countless generations of rebels, radicals, revolutionaries and rabble rousers – Jewish and non-Jewish alike – who challenged the status quo in order to create a better, fairer and more equitable world.

Our services will include our unique mix of prayer, action, music, poetry, learning and inspiration and look forward to seeing new and familiar faces as we continue to build our Tzedek community.

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Tikun Olam & Fringes: a Feminist, Non-Zionist Havurah
http://www.tikkunolamchavurah.org/ & https://fringeshavurah.com/
Philadelphia, PA

Our services are a combination of traditional and original liturgy, along with a rich musical experience, and social justice-centered talks and Torah study. We create a spiritual home for politically-engaged Jews who want to do the deep personal introspection of the High Holidays within the understanding that our lives unfold in a wider world. As a community we believe in radical inclusion, and welcome your full Jewish self – questions, doubts, connection to Jewish values and a search for new answers.


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