2019 JVP Board Elections


Voting: July 15-26

Every year, Jewish Voice for Peace members are encouraged to vote for candidates for the JVP National Board of Directors. For 2019, three board members are running for re-election, and one member is running for the first time. Together, the four candidates are running for four open seats on the JVP National Board. Even in a non-competitive election, JVP’s bylaws require that 20% of membership votes in order to elect the following year’s board. So, if you are an eligible voting member (you have been a dues-paying member for 6 months or more), please vote! Voting is open between July 15-26.

All eligible voters (those who have been dues paying JVP members for 6+ months) will receive an electronic ballot prior to the voting period. If you aren’t sure about your membership status, you can check it here. Questions or comments? Email elections@jvp.org.

For more information on the Board of Directors role and the Board elections process, please see this FAQ, the Board Member Job Description, and the original 2019 Call for Nominations.

Meet the candidates

Meet the candidates and ask questions on Tuesday, July 9th at 5pm west/8pm east. Register here.

Ashley B

Ashley is a queer, feminist, abolitionist activist who splits her life between Illinois and Indiana. She has been a chapter leader and a chapter co-founder for JVP. In addition to years of Palestine organizing, Ashley also has over a decade of experience in racial, gender, and economic justice movements; she sees the liberation of Palestine as inextricably bound up with the liberation of all people.


Phyllis Bennis*

Phyllis Bennis (Washington, DC) is a Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies, and of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. She is a longtime activist and analyst on Israel/Palestine, other Middle East and U.S. war issues, and helped found both the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and the United for Peace & Justice anti-war coalition. She writes and speaks widely, and her most recent books are Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer, and Understanding ISIS & the New Global War on Terror. Phyllis has worked closely with UN officials and agencies on Palestine, co-chaired the UN-based International Coordinating Network on Palestine, and was short-listed twice to become the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Palestine. She is a current member of the JVP Board.


Scout Bratt*

After growing up in Jewish day school, Zionist summer camps, and a mainstream Zionist youth group, Scout found anti-occupation organizing through feminist philosophy and feminist critiques of Zionism. A member of Chicago JVP since 2014 and a member of the Chicago JVP Coordinating Committee since 2016, Scout is dedicated to centering chapter-level organizing when serving as a member of the National Board. Having served as a Board Member and Torah reader at Tzedek Chicago- a non-Zionist congregational community committed to a Judaism beyond nationalism- Scout is focused on enhancing how JVP uplifts Jewishness, Jewish history, and Jewish practices organization-wide. Scout serves as the Outreach & Education Director at Chicago Women’s Health Center, leading a body-positive, queer-inclusive, gender-expansive sexual health education program working in Chicago Public Schools and serves as a member of the organization’s executive team.


Jessie Spector*

Jessie Spector is the Director of Donor Organizing at Thousand Currents, a social justice foundation supporting grassroots movements in the Global South and advocating in the field of philanthropy for more equitable, just and power-sharing practices. Prior to this role, Jessie was the Executive Director of Resource Generation, working with young people with wealth and class privilege toward the equitable distribution of land, wealth, and power. Jessie brings this “fundraising is organizing” framework to her board role at JVP, as well as experience in racial justice transformation, solidarity organizing, and organizational development and leadership transitions. Jessie has loved her first term on the JVP board and hopes to continue for another!

* incumbent


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