2018 JVP Board Elections


The 2018 Jewish Voice for Peace Board Elections will take place online from July 16- 27, 2018. Eligible voters (those who have been JVP members for 6 months or longer) will receive a link to their electronic ballot on July 16th.

This year, members will choose from four candidates for three open seats. Each candidate must receive a majority of affirmative votes in order to win a seat. The four candidates are:

  • Estee Chandler*
  • Lina Morales**
  • Seth Morrison (incumbent)*
  • Henri Picciotto*

** nominated by petition

* nominated by board

Learn more about the candidates below through their videos, biographies and statements. The role of the JVP board continues after the candidates. To ask the candidates a question, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Estee Chandler

Read Estee Chandler’s bio and statement [PDF].


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Lina Morales

Read Lina Morales’ bio and statement [PDF].


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Seth Morrison

Read Seth Morrison’s bio and statement [PDF].


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Henri Picciotto

Read Henri Picciotto’s bio and statement [PDF].


The Role of the JVP Board

The Board supports the work of Jewish Voice for Peace and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are led by JVP’s Executive Director and staff, the Board and the Executive Director work in close partnership to achieve JVP’s mission and vision.

While the Board is accountable to a range of stakeholders, including JVP members, staff, donors, and allies, its primary accountability is to the mission of JVP. As such, while working closely with the above constituencies, and relying on them for counsel, guidance, and deep expertise, the Board also functions independently. This is a core principle of governance.

The role of the Board is to:

  • Serve as a trusted advisor and partner to the ED in developing and implementing JVP’s strategic vision and plans.
  • Provide fiscal oversight of JVP, through regular review of financial reports, careful review and approval of the annual operating budget, review and approval of the annual audit, and review of any material business decisions.
  • Provide legal and ethical oversight of JVP, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, and actively addressing such questions as they arise.
  • Take a leadership role in fundraising.
  • Evaluate the performance of the ED on an annual basis.
  • Set and/or approve ED compensation.
  • Select or dismiss the ED as necessary.
  • Oversee the recruiting and nominations process for new Board Members, with input from the Nominations Committee.
  • Represent JVP to stakeholders, and act as an ambassador for the organization.
  • Support JVP’s commitment to achieving a board and staff that reflects JVP’s diversity.
  • Act to ensure the sustainability of JVP as a legal, ethical, effective and financially sound organization, not only in the present but for the future.

Board Members are expected to:

  • Be committed to the mission, values and strategy of JVP.
  • Commit to Board unity.
  • Conduct themselves in accordance with JVP core values and ethics.
  • Attend board and committee meetings regularly, with a goal of attendance at a minimum of 10 of 12 annual meetings, and 2 out of 3 in-person meetings. Travel expenses are eligible for reimbursement.
  • Attend JVP’s biennial National Member Meeting.
  • Unfailingly honor and uphold confidentiality of all board communications and any other JVP matters so designated.
  • Serve on a minimum of one standing or significant ad hoc committee per year, and reliably and substantially contribute to its work.
  • Be able to read and understand financial statements and budgets, and contribute to decision-making on financial issues, to ensure financial health, compliance, and prudent use of assets.
  • Consider JVP a philanthropic priority and make annual gifts that reflect that priority.
  • Actively participate in fundraising. At a minimum this means participation in JVP’s bi-annual major donor solicitation program, but may also include donor cultivation, event hosting, personal appeals, and so on.
  • Participate in all board governance and oversight obligations, as referenced above.
  • Abide by all bylaws, policies and decisions of the Board and JVP, regardless of any personal differences or disagreements.
  • Work effectively with JVP staff, when relevant, in a manner of respect; and understand board-staff boundaries.
  • Be able to resolve differences through constructive discussion and board-led processes.
  • Make decisions that are in the best interests of JVP.
  • Promote the mission and goals of JVP through a range of activities, which will vary from member to member.


Ask the Candidates A Question

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See some of the questions that have been submitted and the board candidates’ answers here.


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