Trump unsuccessfully bullies UN members to vote against shared and peaceful Jerusalem

December 21, 2017

We are encouraged by those countries, in the face of threats and bullying by the U.S., that voted with Palestinians, International law, and a future of peace with justice for Israelis and Palestinians.

The United States’ pressure on UN members to abstain, from Nikki Haley and President Trump himself, highlights the justice and courage of those that took a stand today at the UN and brings into focus the increasing global isolation of both the U.S. and Israel.

Ahead of the UN vote, President Trump threatened countries that voted against his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital with an end to U.S. aid. This bullying and manipulation reveals the desperation of those that seek to maintain Israel’s apartheid policies as support for Palestinian rights increases around the globe day by day. For small countries more dependent on aid, that threat is not inconsequential and shows the moral strength of the countries who voted against Trump’s will today.

Trump’s support of Israel is no departure from the US’s long-standing support of Israel, but his announcement about Jerusalem has caused worldwide alarm and condemnation. Palestinians who have taken to the streets to protest this assault on their rights, have been met with violence by Israeli occupying forces. We continue to be appalled and heartbroken by Israel’s crackdown on nonviolent protesters. Especially the ongoing military detention of children, like 16 year old Ahed Tamimi along with her mother.

The number of countries that voted with Palestine today affirms that a U.S. foreign policy designed to bolster Trump’s donors and evangelical Christian base will only serve to further isolate both the U.S. and Israel and inspire a global movement to realize Palestinian rights.

Quotes for publication:

Rebecca Vilkomerson, JVP Executive Director:
“Despite threats from the Trump administration, the UN General Assembly vote today showed once again that the U.S. and Israel are increasingly isolated from the global consensus regarding Israel’s appalling disregard for Palestinian rights. We commend those countries that stood up to U.S. pressure, which could not obscure the urgency of speaking out against the recklessness and injustice of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel.”

Rabbi Joseph Berman, Government Affairs Manager, Jewish Voice for Peace:
“Jerusalem is a symbol of holiness and hope for many people of many religions the world over. We want there to be a shared and peaceful Jerusalem. Trump’s decision first to move the U.S. embassy and now to bully countries who vote for a shared Jerusalem entrenches Israel’s illegal annexation of East Jerusalem while endangering Palestinians and Israelis.”


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