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Affidavits collected from 60 Palestinian teenagers reveal how they are pulled out of bed in the middle of the night, handcuffed, interrogated in violation of their rights, and kept in custody under harsh conditions, sometimes for extended periods of time by Israeli authorities. A new report by Israeli human rights groups HaMoked and B’Tselem reveals the broad, systemic human rights abuses against hundreds of Palestinian teens arrested every year in East Jerusalem.





Space to play- West Bank refugee camps are facing a crisis of safety and square feet. Farha Abu Hijja, who runs a center for refugee women and children says a lack of safe public play spaces for children has detrimental impacts on their ability to cope with trauma induced by Israel’s military presence in the camp.“The situation is exacerbated by the night raids carried out by the Israeli occupation army, which includes shootings and blowing up doors, causing great fear among children,” Abu Hijja told DCIP.
Defense Children International-Palestine


Al-Haq reports on the continued use of collected punishment on families of Palestinians who have allegedly committed attacks. This article highlights the confiscation of money and property.



This report describes the case of 16 year-old Udai Nawaj’ah, who was killed by an explosion when he stepped on live ammunition while grazing his family’s sheep near their home in the West Bank town of Khirbet Ibziq on July 22, 2017. Udai died because the Israeli military deliberately chooses areas to train on or near Palestinian land, and away from Israeli settlements, in the Jordan Valley. These training exercises create grave danger for local Palestinians, who may be fired on or hit by errant shells, or mained or die when stepping on unexploded munitions left littering their land.



Children in conflict with the law under the current Hamas-led government in Gaza are at severe risk of rights violations and abuses during detention, based on six cases documented by Defense for Children International-Palestine since January.
Defense for Children International-Palestine


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