New Muslim Ban Just as Racist and Divisive as Previous Iterations


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September 25, 2017
Contact: Naomi Dann| | 845-377-5745

President Trump issued a new order yesterday putting indefinite restrictions on travel and immigration from eight countries. Jewish Voice for Peace opposes any form of a Muslim Ban, and issues the following statement from Deputy Director Rabbi Alissa Wise:

The intent of this ban is just as racist, divisive, and harmful as previous iterations. Adding non-Muslim countries to the list of those targeted does not make this any less about barring Muslims, which Trump promised to do during the campaign. It just extends the ban to impact more people and communities. Barring travel of entire populations is an act of collective punishment against the people ruled by governments the United States government does not like or trust.

No one is made safer by tearing apart families, interrupting educations, and preventing people from pursuing economic opportunity.

This week, Muslim and Jewish communities are welcoming a new year. In this time of repentance and reflection, we, as an American Jewish community must recommit to fighting for freedom of movement, family unification, and an end to racist policies that divide, separate and punish all of us.

For interviews please contact: Naomi Dann| | 845-377-5745

Join us to declare #NoMuslimBanEver on October 10th. More information:


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