Two JVP members in SeaTac wearing shirts that read "Stop Profiling Muslims".

JVP’s Network Against Islamophobia: New “Electronics Ban” designed to foment fear & Islamophobia

Contact: Naomi Dann| | 845-377-5745

March 21, 2017 – The Trump administration’s new “electronics ban” on flights from ten international airports in predominantly Muslim countries is designed to foment fear, dehumanize Muslim communities, and consolidate the administration’s power by playing to its Islamophobic, xenophobic base.

By targeting carriers from predominantly Muslim countries, Trump is feeding the baseless and violent Islamophobia that has long been part of the so-called “war on terror.” We have watched with horror as  Trump fills his cabinet with virulent racists, and today he is hosting Brigette Gabriel from ACT for America, an organization named by Southern Poverty Law Center as “the largest grassroots anti-Muslim organization in the United States.”

We refuse to acquiesce to these vile policies and ideologies. Instead, we take to the streets– joining actions with our Muslim partners and getting our Network Against Islamophobia‘s “Stop Profiling Muslims” posters in every storefront and t-shirts for air travel–and also engage in meaningful community education to make our organizing as effective as possible. We will counteract this fear-mongering and defy this unethical government through learning and action.

Jewish Voice for Peace’s deputy director Rabbi Alissa Wise: “We encourage all people of conscience to deepen their relationships with Muslim communities in this time and refuse to allow the isolation that the Trump administration seeks for our Muslim neighbors to become a reality. Resistance to this “electronics ban” begins in our living rooms, our community centers and our houses of worship and extends out from there to the airports, city halls, courts, and Congress.” 


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