JVP’s Rabbi Joseph Berman on anti-Semitism and Trump’s pro-Israel Administration (Video)


Anti-Jewish Politics But Pro-Israel Policy?Jews in the U.S. might be worried by the white nationalists in the White House, but Israeli politicians are happy to work with them.

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, 14 February 2017


[blockquote text='”Donald Trump has made it clear that it is possible to be a supporter of the state of Israel and simultaneously anti-Semitic.”

– Rabbi Joseph Berman

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“There’s a minority of American Jews – I would call them extremist – and what their interest is is in supporting the same vision of Netanyahu’s Israel. And so it seems [they’re] willing to ignore the anti-Semitism that’s there.”

“Friedman is extremely scary. It’s not only that he supports illegal settlements. I think he’s made it clear that the policies he’s going to advocate for as the U.S. ambassador to Israel are really ones that would have catastrophic consequences for Palestinians, for Israelis, for the United States, for the whole region.”

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