Mi Shebayrach, May the One who blessed…


A prayer for those joining together to reaffirm a commitment to
Justice, Equality and Freedom for All
January 20 and Beyond..

When we say mi shebayrach… we draw the particular life-force of our ancestors into our own beings to guide us as we meet the present moment. Which of our avot v’imahot, our ancestors, our holy predecessors in struggle, would you wish to draw in today?

You might want to invite religious ancestors, movement leaders, or community members or people from your family.



Mi shebayrach, May the One who blessed…… [call out names].


May the One who blessed all who have marched and sung out and prayed, who have built and sheltered and laid their bodies down, who have applied their wisdom and their artistry to the struggles of their day, breathe into our souls now. May they kindle in us sparks of their courage, clarity, endurance and love as we join together to protect the human rights of all. As our ancestors each drew from their own wisdom and their wounds to bring an offering that only they could offer, may we each see the gift which is uniquely ours to offer our fractured world. May we be blessed to help bring justice and wellbeing to our moment in history. May we find joy and friendship in our service. May we steady each other even in these challenging times. And may the work of our hands and hearts bring blessing to every human being and to the earth on which we all live. Keyn yehi ratzon/ So may it be!

Love, the Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council


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