JVP Launches New Arts & Culture Network


The Artist Council of Jewish Voice for Peace is composed of incredible artists and cultural workers who see the power of art in the global Palestinian solidarity movement.

The Council explains, “we believe art can play a powerful role in changing hearts and minds and envisioning a more just world. Towards this end, we are adding our voices, cultural interventions, strategies, and resources to the growing movement of people who oppose the violence of the Israeli state and its ongoing acts of colonialism, occupation, and racism against the Palestinian people.”

Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza served as an impetus for the Artist Council’s formation, bringing together an outraged group of artists inspired by the power of art to call attention to Israel’s violence and build community through collective activism.

The JVP Artist Council is now launching an expanded network of artists and cultural workers.  Click here to join JVP’s new Arts & Culture Network!

Whether or not a JVP member, and whether a creator of art or a curator, critic, collector, or supporter– joining the JVP Arts & Culture Network Network will allow anyone who’s interested to receive Palestine/Israel-related art news.

The Network will also feature  information about cultural events, and highly curated editorial content. It will offer opportunities to plug into local, national, and international projects.

In addition to the political art news and blog-style content, there will also be an opportunity to join JVP’s Rapid Response Network, which allows members to contribute their artistic skills to time-sensitive opportunities for impactful action.

Drawing inspiration from a rich history of social movements shaped by the transformative power of art, the work of the Council and the new Network approaches culture as a strategy rather than a supplement or transaction.

The work is about building relationships and nurturing the imagination of our entire movement to end the occupation and stand in solidarity with Palestinians striving for justice.

Check out some of the current Artist Council members’ work here.

Featured image of two people holding signs by artist council member Ellen O’Grady


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