Netanyahu’s Bombastic UN General Assembly Speech Repeats “Same Tired Mix” of Accusations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speech to the United Nations General Assembly on October 1, 2015 once again attempted to deflect attention from Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights and its own nuclear program by repeating bombastic fearmongering about Iran.

Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director:Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used his same tired mix of Islamophobic tropes, nationalist boasts, double standards, and outright lies today at the UN General Assembly. Spending the vast majority of his time attacking the already completed deal with Iran only served to highlight his reluctance to substantively address Israel’s ongoing repression of Palestinian rights. In fact, his accusation that the Palestinians are not a partner for peace flies in the face of facts, including today’s announcement of the authorization of a bloc of five settlement outposts.”

“Today’s speech illustrated Israel’s increasing desperation in the face of a growing international consensus that it cannot continue to act with impunity and beyond the bounds of international law.”

On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gave a much anticipated speech to the United Nations General Assembly in which he finally acknowledged that, given Israel’s ongoing violations of the Oslo Accords and continued settlement construction, that the Palestinians are no longer bound by their agreements with Israel. It remains to be seen whether this announcement will result in any material change for Palestinians living under Israel’s military occupation.

For further reference, see The Institute for Middle East Understanding‘s recently released fact sheets Benjamin Netanyahu: Putting “an End to the Oslo Accords” & the Two-State Solution,  From Oslo to Apartheid,  Israel and the Atomic Bomb,Misperceptions Regarding Tensions Over the Noble Sanctuary, and Expert Q&A: On Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ 2015 UNGA Address.



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