Tell the New York Times: We need accurate reporting on Palestine and Israel


Tell the New York Times: we need accurate reporting on Palestine and Israel

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The Times has repeatedly failed to live up to its reputation for balance with its coverage of the recent uprising in Israel and Palestine. Millions depend on the New York Times for balanced, fact-based news.  With some notable exceptions, the Times has frequently dehumanized Palestinians, and ignored the root causes of the current conditions.

We, the undersigned, call on Margaret Sullivan, the public editor of the New York Times, to publicly re-evaluate the Times’ coverage of Israel and Palestine and to hold NYT editors accountable to the strong recommendations she made on November 22, 2014  — including the mandate to provide historical context in articles about Israel and Palestine.

The New York Times can’t claim to be the paper of record if it clearly values Israeli lives over Palestinian lives.

View JVP’s infographic about the NYT’s media coverage.

Margaret Sullivan, “The Conflict and the Coverage,”, (New York Times: November 22, 2014 ).


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