Shared Values Compel Us to Speak Out Against Israeli Policies

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Jewish Voice for Peace: Shared values compel us to speak out against Israeli policies

May 22, 2015–As President Obama expressed in his speech at Congregation Adas Israel today, Jewish tradition and experience of persecution compel us to speak truth to power in the face of injustice. In this case, our shared values compel us to add that so long as the State of Israel persists in its military occupation of the West Bank, siege of Gaza and systematic discrimination against non-Jews both in and outside the Green Line, we cannot be silent.

Rebecca Vilkomerson, Jewish Voice for Peace executive director: Š__As Israel moves further away from democracy, entrenching policies of discrimination, segregation and inequality, now is long past the time for polite words of criticism.  IsraelŠ__s recent election proves that it will take outside pressure to compel Israel to upholding the shared values of which the President spoke.Š__

We appreciate the President for clearly distinguishing between the problem of anti-Semitism and the need to criticize the policies of the State of Israel when those policies fail to live up to universal values. Growing numbers of progressive Jews are deeply disturbed by the Israeli stateŠ__s treatment of Palestinians, and increasingly willing to speak out to demand change.


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