United Church of Christ Divests!


L’Chaim UCC!

With 80% of the vote, the General Synod of the United Church of Christ just divested from corporations that profit off the occupation. In the words of the UCC Palestine-Israel Network,

The backlash against the UCC is going to be intense. And so it’s urgent for us to tell our friends there how impressed we are by their heartfelt, courageous work to align their values with their investments.

To Our Friends in the United Church of Christ:

We write to thank you as Jews, Muslims, Christians, atheists and others; as mothers and fathers, daughters and sons; and as people united in our belief in justice and liberation for all peoples.

We thank you for your historic and moral vote to divest from the Israeli occupation. Your vote is a profound act of solidarity with Palestinians who have suffered decades of occupation, dispossession, and discrimination.

And it is a source of great friendship to the countless Jews who believe our liberation is inextricably tied to Palestinian liberation. Speaking is not enough, only courageous actions can help us create the conditions for a lasting and just peace.


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