Plan Dalet (Plan D)

“‘Plan Dalet’ or ‘Plan D’ was the name given by the Zionist High Command to the general plan for military operations within the framework of which the Zionists launched successive offensives in April and early May 1948 in various parts of Palestine. These offensives, which entailed the destruction of the Palestinian Arab community and the expulsion and pauperization of the bulk of Palestine Arabs, were calculated to achieve the military fait accompli upon which the State of Israel was to be based.”

From “Plan Dalet: Master Plan for the Conquest of Palestine, ” by Walid Khalidi, Journal of Palestine Studies,” Autumn 1988, vol. 18 no.1 .  The text of Plan D is in Appendix B, beginning on page 24.  Pay particular attention to Section 3, Assignment of Duties, pp. 27-31.


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