JVP Condemns Anti-Semitic, Racist American Free Press website

[blockquote text=’JVP Demands Podcast Interview with JVP Executive Director Obtained Under False Pretenses be Removed Immediately.’ text_color=” quote_color=’undefined’ width=” line_height=” background_color=” border_color=” border_width=”]

[dropcaps type=’normal’ color=” background_color=” border_color=”]L[/dropcaps]ast week, the American Free Press (AFP) published a podcast with JVP Executive Director Rebecca Vilkomerson. This interview was obtained under false pretenses. The reporter did not identify himself as being affiliated with the AFP, and in fact made every effort to obscure his affiliation with the site.

JVP has repeatedly asked the reporter and AFP to remove the podcast given the false pretenses under which the reporter represented himself and obtained the interview. As of this writing, the reporter has refused and there has been no response from AFP.

Jewish Voice for Peace and Rebecca Vilkomerson condemn AFP in the strongest possible terms.  AFP is a known hate site, filled with anti-Semitic and racist ideology.  Its founders and regular writers are known white supremacists. We absolutely reject everything they stand for. We also reiterate our commitment to always speak out against anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry.

“I am completely heartsick and horrified that this interview ended up on the American Free Press website,” notes Vilkomerson.  “It is a site that JVP and I know to be anti-Semitic, racist, and white supremacist, and neither JVP nor I would ever have knowingly allowed our work or names to be in any way associated with it.”

JVP and Vilkomerson continue our efforts to have the interview removed.


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