Your Electronic Communication Rights

Members of Jewish Voice for Peace (“JVP”) must provide written consent in order to receive official communications from, and to send official communications to, JVP via electronic transmission (fax or email).

This consent allows JVP to send you meeting notices, ballots, conduct meetings, and handle other official business that requires member approval, by electronic transmission.

It also allows you to send the same types of information to JVP via fax or email.

  1. Members are not required to consent to electronic communication and may request that matters of official business be sent via regular mail.
  2. Members have the right to withdraw written consent at any time by providing JVP with written notice. No fee will be charged for withdrawing your consent.
  3. This consent to electronic transmission is broad, and may include transmission of meeting notices, ballots, and other important information regarding JVP. It also allows JVP to conduct meetings via electronic transmission, although that will not be a frequent occurrence. This consent constitutes consent under both California Corporations Code 20 and 21 (transmission from and to OFAC).and under the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (15 U.S.C. Sec. 7001(c)(1)).

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