Thank you, 60 Minutes

Journalists who tell the truth about Palestinian life under occupation deserve our thanks, not political attacks.


Jewish Voice for Peace


Dear Supporter,

This week, something rare happened: A major U.S. media outlet actually showed the effects of the Israeli occupation on Palestinians.

But the candid reporting by “60 Minutes”, America’s most respected news program, has unleashed a furious response from major Jewish and right-wing Christian groups. They’ve generated over 29,000 letters of complaint – many before the episode even aired.

*Unless we push back now—and thank “60 Minutes”—real journalism like this will become even more rare. Can you sign our petition to thank “60 Minutes” ? *

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I’m sure you’ll agree that now they need to hear from the majority of people who support their courageous and sadly all too accurate report about the Palestinian Christian exodus from cities like Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Under Israeli occupation, Palestinians have endured decades of unlawful home demolitions, checkpoints, land confiscation, detentions without charges, and much more. That’s primarily why Palestinians are leaving, and why Palestinian Christians issued a call to Christians in other lands to help create pressure on the Israeli government through divestment campaigns. In response to this call, this week the United Methodist Church is considering a historic vote to begin phased divestment from companies that profit from the occupation.

The 60 Minutes segment, which you can watch on our petition page, explains clearly why church divestment is the right thing to do. The occupation dehumanizes Christians, Muslims “and” Jews.

Please, take a moment to sign the petition and share this link,, with your friends. Don’t let “60 Minutes” back down. We need more fair and truthful reporting, not less.
Thank you,

Cecilie Surasky
Jewish Voice for Peace


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