Young, Jewish, and Proud: Here’s what the press is saying

Young, Jewish and Proud members speak out:
Rae Abileah: Jewish Values vs. Israeli Policies: Why five young Jews disrupted PM Netanyahu in New Orleans reprinted at
Rae Abileah: Interviewed by Scott Horton on AntiWar Radio
Matthew Taylor: Why I disrupted Bibi’s speech
Matthew Taylor: Young Jews Tell Bibi: Israel is Delegitimizing Itself
Rachel Roberts: Challenging the Jewish General Assembly
Emily Ratner: We would not have had to interrupt Netanyahu if the world listened to Palestinian voices

The Press hears their message, printed in countless outlets including:
Washington Post
AOL News
MSN Money
Huffington Post (front page)
Boston Globe
Bay Area Jweekly
Kennebec Journal
San Diego Union-Tribune
Omaha World Herald
WeJew (AP VIdeo)
and many others.
New York Times: As Netanyahu speaks in U.S., Israel publishes plan for new settlement housing
Dana Milbank, Washington Post: Netanyahu’s Noisy Tour of New Orleans.
The Forward: Jewish Voice for Peace Activists Interrupt Bibi at GA
The Forward: Federations Find Youth Outreach Tricky Terrain at Yearly Meeting
New Orleans Times-Picayune: Benjamin Netanyahu warns Israel will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon
Ha’aretz: Hecklers disrupt Netanyahu’s speech at U.S. Jewish conference
Ha’aretz: A Birthright trip for Palestinians, too? Maybe not
Ha’aretz: Five years on, New Orleans Jewish community rises from the ruins
Jerusalem Post: Peace protesters disrupt Netanyahu’s GA speech
Jerusalem Post: As GA ends, heckling of Netanyahu leaves a bitter taste
Jerusalem Post: The GA: When the Jews came marching in
Ynet: Israeli who disrupted PM’s speech: We were raised on human rights
Ynet: Protestors disrupt Netanyahu’s GA speech in New Orleans
CNN: Israeli PM: Iran the world’s biggest threat
Democracy Now!: (segment begins 4:26 in): Netanyahu speech disrupted in New Orleans
Ma’an News Agency: Israeli, US Jews disrupt Netanyahu speech
Huffington Post: Netanyahu Sticks it to the United States…Again and Again
Daily Kos: Young, Jewish, and Proud
Electronic Intifada: Netanyahu disrupters tell of “mob mentality”
Common Dreams: A question of legitimacy
Mondoweiss: Five young Jews disrupt Netanyahu speech with call for new Jewish identity
Tikkun: Young Jewish Activists Attract Positive Press for Anti-Occupation Message
The Third Way: Am Yisrael Chai?
The Third Way: Young Jews Challenge American Jewish Leadership At Jewish Federation General Assembly in New Orleans
Jewschool: Bibi’s Hecklers
Jewschool: The Mishpocha
Alex B. Kane: Jewish Establishment’s Motto: Hear No Evil, See No Evil On Israel
Tablet: Biden’s Brief, Bibi’s Bombast, Simon’s Sermon
New Voices: JVP Protests Netanyahu’s GA Speech
Jewish Journal: Bibi’s G.A. Hecklers: Young Jews
Jewbonics: Young, Jewish, and Proud: Netanyahu’s speech disrupted
Jews Sans Frontieres: Matan Cohen is back!
Jew On This: The politics and poetics of (young, proud) diaspora
New American Media: Jews protest Netanyahu speech

Check out also:
JVP Rabbinical Council Cochair Rabbi Brant Rosen: Young, Jewish, and Proud– Time to make room at the table
JVP Rabbinical Council member Rabbi Brian Walt: Young Jews challenge Netanyahu
Mohammad Talat: In tribute to the “Young, Jewish, and Proud” 
Shereen Naser: A perspective on the Jewish Federation General Assembly from its only Palestinian attendee 
Ha’aretz: Bibi, Tom Friedman, and U.S. Jews divesting from Israel
Paul Woodward: Tribal loyalty vs. the integrity of the individual


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