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Download the free image by JVP Artist Council Member Micah Bazant in collaboration with Linda Sarsour.

The JVP Rabbinical Council is a network of rabbis, cantors and rabbinical students that supports the mission of JVP, JVP’s 15,000 members, the Palestine solidarity movement, and each other. A group of Rabbis started the council in 2011, seeking chevra (camaraderie) with others wanting to take action for justice for Palestinians and Israelis, including following the Palestinian call for BDS. Today, the council serves as an advisory team to JVP’s leadership. It is also a prophetic Jewish voice inside the Palestine solidarity movement; helps create meaningful ritual, tradition, & culture accessible to our growing membership; and provides pastoral and prophetic support for JVP members, chapters, and campaigns for the long haul.

  • Rapid response on local and national levels- in body, writing, prayer
  • Support and lead with JVP campaigns
  • Congress work, locally and nationally
  • Ritual generation for holidays, campaigns, or in times of need
  • Cross-collaboration with artists, academics and students
  • Live stream High Holiday services
  • JVP yearly supports a 3 Day Rabbinical Council Gathering.

Rabbis can be active in JVP as members without being a part of the council, but are encouraged to join.

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