Thank you for your interest in working at JVP! Please see the open positions below, and click on the link to apply. We do not ask for cover letters, rather you will be asked to submit answers to questions that are tailored to the specific role. We sometimes, but do not always, ask for resumes as well.

Open Positions

Senior Fundraising Campaigns Coordinator (job closes April 9th)

Digital Editorial Coordinator (job closes April 9th)

About Working at JVP


  • Up to 20 accumulated vacation days per year, accrued at 6.67 hours per pay period
  • Up to 12 sick days per year, accrued at 4 hours per pay period
  • 17 paid holidays (9 floating and 8 federal)
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance with premiums currently paid by JVP, and 15% of family benefits to be paid by JVP
  • Leave without pay, bereavement, parental leave and medical leave
  • Flexible Spending benefit

JVP is committed to providing flexible work arrangements that suit the needs of our staff. All our positions are remote and based in the United States.

Workplace Principles:
JVP has developed core principles of sustainability and equity to guide our approach to workplace policies.

JVP defines sustainability as honoring the people who work at JVP as whole people doing work for the long haul, and creating the conditions that will enable JVP staff to do the work in a way that is both healthy and encourages work/life balance.

JVP defines equity as developing policies and practices that apply to everyone, while holding simultaneously the differing levels of accountability, independence and responsibility depending on role in the organization; while also recognizing, responding to and honoring the different contexts, realities and circumstances that each staff member brings and lives within.

These principles apply both to the conditions of the workplace – hours, regular salary reviews and raises, vacation days, flexibility to work from home, etc. – and the practices of our work – how many hours of the day staff are in meetings, taking time to have retreats, and striving for a culture of support and communication.

Addressing sustainability and equity as staff at JVP is a long-term, ever evolving project. JVP is committed to continuing to think together how to keep improving our conditions and practices, always in the context of the urgency of our mission.