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In Congress, Rashida Tlaib and JVP are under attack.

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Tonight, the House will likely be voting on a truly unhinged and Islamophobic resolution introduced by Marjorie ‘Jewish-Space-Lasers’ Taylor Greene. The resolution attempts to censure Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, and directly names and attacks Jewish Voice for Peace. 

Why? Because on October 18, over 500 Jews and allies sat on the floor of a Congressional house office building, in prayer and song, to demand an immediate ceasefire to save Palestinian and Israeli lives and to stop the Israeli military’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Greene is an insurrection supporter herself — and now, she is desperately trying to create a dangerous precedent by labeling participants in peaceful, First Amendment-protected demonstrations led by Jewish activists as “insurrectionists.” Clearly, Greene is threatened by Palestinians and Jews coming together to work for peace and justice.

Greene’s resolution is ridiculous on its face — and we won’t let it distract from the unfolding genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. We’re going to keep escalating until our elected officials demand an immediate ceasefire.

Biden has now called for an additional $14.3 billion to be sent to the Israeli military. But there is plenty we can still do.

Keep up the pressure.

Join us now in using this tool from our sibling organization, JVP Action, to keep calling Congress and demanding a ceasefire.

We can’t call them too often. Take a minute to tell your members of Congress to demand a ceasefire and the entrance of humanitarian aid in Gaza, and to refuse to send another dollar in military funding to the genocidal Israeli government.

Power Hours: Collective action every day.

Every day, JVP hosts Power Half-Hours for Gaza. This Friday, JVP Action and the Adalah Justice Project are taking over — joined by Congresswoman Cori Bush. 

Sign up now: the same link will work every day, Monday through Friday, at 3pm ET/12pm PT.

Demand better from the New York Times.

In recent days, the New York Times has repeated Israel’s unsubstantiated claims that Hamas has underground command centers below Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza — claims used to justify the Israeli military’s well-documented practice of bombing hospitals, a war crime. 

Write to the NYT now to demand they stop parroting Israeli propaganda and responsibly cover the crimes against humanity that Israel is committing against Palestinians in Gaza.

Abolition and Palestine.

Join Critical Resistance, Dr. Angela Y. Davis, Lara Kiswani of AROC, Stefanie Fox of JVP, and Nadine Naber of INCITE! today, November 1, at 7pm ET for a critical discussion on abolition and the ongoing war on Palestine.

Actions in the coming week.

As we escalate our demand for a ceasefire nationwide, more and more actions are being planned in the coming days. This event roundup lists many local actions. 

As future actions are planned, we’ll be sharing them out — the quickest way to get every action update is to make sure you’re following JVP on social media.

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