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Israel attacks, and Jenin endures.


Over the last several days, Israeli forces carried out the largest raid in a West Bank city in over 20 years, causing widespread destruction.

The details of this attack qualify it as a war crime under international law. Amidst the bombing campaign, the Israeli military raided Jenin Public Hospital, firing teargas and live ammunition. The military also targeted emergency services and fired teargas several times inside Khalil Suleiman hospital, rendering the emergency room unusable.

Israeli military bulldozers destroyed roads, too, in order to block medical care from reaching the injured — a vicious tactic that is now preventing children from accessing a United Nations-run school in the camp.

The haunting images of desperate families trying to escape the onslaught of violence in Jenin have been seared into our minds — terrified children in their pajamas, their hands raised in the air; men and women dodging tear gas as they flee with their babies in their arms; the elderly being pushed in wheelchairs; a young boy clinging to his pet cat.

Israeli forces also bombed the Jenin Freedom Theater, where Palestinians were taking shelter from the brutal assault, and cut off water and electricity from much of the camp and the city. The Israeli military murdered at least 12 Palestinians, including five children, and their violence forced thousands of people to evacuate.

Even after the Israeli military withdrew, local residents remained without access to clean drinking water or power, and around 80% of homes in the area sustained damage during the assault.

Palestinian journalists risked their lives to cover the siege, with Israeli snipers shooting directly at their equipment and forcing them to take shelter indoors for several hours, preventing any news coverage from going out.

The residents of Jenin refugee camp are among the descendants of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were forced to flee their homes during the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, known to Palestinians as the Nakba, or “catastrophe.” Palestinian families are being made refugees twice or even three times over, forced to flee their homes again and again while staring down the barrel of an Israeli gun.

From Gaza to Jenin, Israel enforces apartheid

As the Israeli military and violent settler attacks continue to besiege Palestinians, Palestinians continue to resist. +972 explores how the Israeli military, in response, is using its policy in Gaza as the rule, rather than the exception, in the most recent brutal attacks on Jenin.

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