Netanyahu’s government continues to incite violence


Media Contact: Sonya E Meyerson-Knox | | 929-290-0317

In the past three days, Israel’s far-right government delivered on its promises: the Israeli Cabinet expedited and drastically expanded the building of illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land, while the Israeli military killed seven Palestinians in a nine-hour attack on Jenin that included Apache helicopters firing at fleeing Palestinians. Earlier today, four Israelis were killed by two Palestinians near the illegal settlement of Eli.

The news is heartbreaking, but we refuse to give in to despair. This is not an inevitable “cycle of violence,” it is the outcome of the Netanyahu government’s policies and decisions. The current Israeli government is the most extremist, racist, homophobic and far-Right in Israel’s history. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 160 Palestinians were already killed this year, including at least 26 children, a significant increase over last year, which was already one of the deadliest years for Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The demolition of Palestinian homes and buildings by Israeli forces has increased by almost 50% from last year. Attacks on Palestinian villages by Israeli settlers, enabled by the Israeli military, have also increased, including the deadly assault on Huwara, which was so egregious it was called a “pogrom” by an Israeli military commander. 

This is not an inevitable “cycle of violence,” it’s the outcome of the Netanyahu government’s policies and decisions. There is no mistaking the massive disparity of power between the Israeli government and the Palestinians it targets. Backed by $3.8 billion in annual military funding from the U.S. government, the Israeli government controls, dominates and dispossesses Palestinian lives and lands.

We are on the side of unconditional commitment to justice, equality, freedom and dignity for all people, no exceptions. To achieve a future where all are safe and free, we must end the Israeli government’s apartheid regime. 


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