Over 70K Tune In To Sold Out Panel On Antisemitism In NYC


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November 29, 2017
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Over 70K tune in to sold out panel on antisemitism in NYC

The New School’s Alvin Johnson Auditorium was sold out Tuesday night as nearly 500 people gathered – and over 70,000 tuned in via livestream – to hear the panel, “Antisemitism and the Struggle for Justice,” moderated by Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman and featuring Jewish Voice for Peace Executive Director Rebecca Vilkomerson, Palestinian American activist Linda Sarsour, member of the Jews of Color and Mizrahi/Sephardi Caucus Lina Morales, and Jews for Racial & Economic Justice movement building organizer Leo Ferguson.

“The institutional Jewish community has abdicated its responsibility to fight against actual antisemitism – trading it for support of Israel. Which leaves it to us to build the real intersectional movements for justice needed in this time. Our discussion tonight was seen as so provocative precisely because we collectively represent a new vision for fighting antisemitism.”Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director, Jewish Voice for Peace

Despite threats to shut down the event, a small protest outside and a few minor interruptions, the event went on as planned. The event was co-hosted by Jewish Voice For Peace, The New School, Jacobin Magazine, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ), and Haymarket Books, which published JVP’s anthology On Antisemitism [Haymarket Books 2017].

“We cannot dismantle anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, every phobia and -ism without also dismantling antisemitism…Antisemitism is one branch of a larger tree of racism – we have to address all the branches.”Linda Sarsour, Palestinian-American activist, co-chair, National Women’s March

“Nothing can be more counterproductive or hurtful to Jews than to be intentionally confusing the issue of anti-Semitism by spreading false charges of anti-Semitism.”Leo Ferguson, Movement Building Organizer, JFREJ

“I became an anti-Zionist right after my birthright trip when I saw that in Israel, Palestinians are treated no better, and worse, than blacks on the south side of Chicago. It was then I realized I could not support it.” – Lina Morales, member of the Jews of Color and Mizrahi/Sephardi Caucus in partnership with JVP


Photos from the event.
Link to livestream.
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