Mikveh: Transformational Water Ritual


We are now in Cheshvan, the Jewish month where the rain begins to fall.

It is the time when the flood happened, a time known for destruction and rebirth and renewal. As we move through the month of Cheshvan, we are ripe for reimagining the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As the majority of what makes the earth, water is in one sense an ordinary resource. As those in Palestine and Puerto Rico are denied access to adequate water, water as an extraordinary resource is amplified.

Mikveh is a simple ritual. In it’s simplicity, it is extraordinary. We hope that this ritual will bring you closer to an experience of Jewish culture. We hope this closeness fuels your work for justice in Palestine. We hope a depth is integrated between your one simple life and the extraordinary movement we are all in together.

Enjoy this mikveh guide and check out this incredible project queer Jews are doing with mikveh in the spirit of living in diaspora.

[q_button type=’normal_button’ size=’large’ text=’View the Mikveh Ritual Guide’ icon_pack=’font_awesome’ fa_icon=” fe_icon=” icon_color=” link=’https://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Mikveh-Guide-for-Jewish-Voice-for-Peace-Outlined.pdf’ target=’_blank’ color=” hover_color=” background_color=” hover_background_color=” border_color=” hover_border_color=’undefined’ font_style=” font_weight=” text_align=” margin=”]




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