Network Against Islamophobia Statement in the Wake of Muslim Ban 2.0


The second Executive Order signed today by Trump instituting a Muslim ban is, like the one released in January, a prime example of virulent state-sponsored Islamophobia. This new version still reflects the same anti-Muslim ideology that is pervasive in every corner of the White House. The discriminatory and racist intent of the ban remains indisputable and indefensible.

Once again, this Executive Order will divide families and communities; force countless people to live in fear; cause incalculable harm to refugees seeking safety for themselves and their families; and, for those from the six targeted countries, impose hardships on new immigrants and those without current visas seeing entry.

In response, we urge all JVP members and supporters to join together with our partners–to make our voices heard in powerful grassroots resistance to this Muslim Ban.

  1. Join local Muslim-led organizing and resistance efforts at airports, city halls, houses of worship, schools, or wherever it is needed, in partnerships with Muslim groups as well as with immigrant rights, racial justice, civil liberties, and other local and national groups you work with. We need to make it clearer than ever that we all stand together against policies that target people based on nationality and religion.
  2. Organize community education sessions with NAI’s new curriculum. The curriculum is a guide for JVP chapters and other groups interested in organizing against Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism and to be a partner to the broader, Muslim-led movement against Islamophobia. We created these materials – a two session curriculum and resources; a series of modules; and a facilitator guide – so we can be effective, accountable partners in this work. Now is the time to ensure we are educated, strategic and connected, and community education opportunities are a sure-fire way to do that.
  3. Organize canvassing ASAP with any of our multiple iconic posters: “Standing with Muslim Communities Against Islamophobia and Racism” or “Stop Profiling Muslims. Going door to door at stores and community institutions in your neighborhood provides a way to connect with your local community and create resilient, creative communities standing with Muslim communities and opposing Islamophobia and racism in all its forms.
  4. Write in to your local paper with your voice of opposition and outrage at this Muslim Ban. Submit letters to the editor and Op-eds in local papers. Best practices for doing so can be found here.

JVP’s Network Against Islamophobia (NAI) is committed to challenging all forms of Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism, from individual acts of violence to state-sanctioned Islamophobia and Islamophobia rooted in the “war on terror” and in US and Israeli policies.


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