Against Canary Mission

University Faculty Condemn Canary Mission Blacklist

As faculty who serve, have served, or are likely to serve on an admissions committee at graduate and undergraduate university programs across the country, we unequivocally assert that the Canary Mission website should not be trusted as a resource to evaluate students’ qualifications for admission. We condemn Canary Mission as an effort to intimidate and blacklist students and faculty who stand for justice for Palestinians.

Canary Mission is a website and social media initiative designed to slander student, faculty, and community activists for Palestinian rights as extremist, anti-Semitic, and sympathetic to terrorism. By publicizing the names, social media accounts, employment history, and other personal information about student activists, Canary Mission mobilizes a small online community of pro-Israel advocates to harass and threaten these activists. Over the past six weeks, the now two-year old Canary Mission site has added over 100 new students to its blacklist. As of this writing, in the first half of 2016, Canary Mission has on over 30 occasions tweeted the names of employers in order to rally their followers to intimidate students. In a few cases, Canary Mission also has contacted the prospective graduate schools of these students, claiming without evidence that the students are anti-Semites, terrorists, or both. The goal of their campaign is to use fear and intimidation to pressure activists to cease their human rights advocacy. Though the creators of Canary Mission remain anonymous, it has been linked to, and utilized by, such well-known individuals as Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz, who have been labeled as purveyors of hate speech by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Although, as individual faculty, we hold a range of viewpoints on Israel-Palestine, we recognize that student advocacy for Palestinian human rights is not inherently anti-Semitic, and that such advocacy represents a cherished and protected form of free speech that is welcome on college campuses. We reject the McCarthyist tactics used by Canary Mission. Canary Mission’s aim is to damage these students’ futures, and to punish them for their principled human rights activism. We urge our fellow admissions faculty, as well as university administrators and all others, to join us in signing and standing against such bullying and attempts to shut down civic engagement and freedom of speech.


1. Elizabeth Aaronsohn, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Emeritus, Central Connecticut State University
2. Samer Abboud, Associate Professor, International Studies, Arcadia University
3. Khaled Abou El Fadl, Professor, School of Law, UCLA
4. Matthew Abraham, Professor of English, University of Arizona
5. Roni Abusaad, Lecturer, City College of San Francisco
6. Abraham Acosta, Associate Professor, Spanish And Portuguese, University of Arizona
7. Mehnaz Afridi , Assistant Professor , Holocaust, Genocide And Interfaith Education Center
8. Tanya Agathocleous, Associate Professor of English, Hunter College, Cuny
9. Hector Agredano, Phd Candidate, City University of New York
10. Alan Aja, Associate Professor, Puerto Rican & Latin@ Studies, Brooklyn College (CUNY)
11. Cyra Akila Choudhury, Professor of Law, Florida International University
12. V. Alan White, Professor of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin–Manitowoc
13. Ammiel Alcalay, Professor Classical, Middle Eastern & Asian Languages & Cultures; English, Queens College; The Graduate Center, CUNY
14. Anthony Alessandrini , Professor of English & Middle Eastern Studies , City University of New York
15. Patricia Alessandrini, Lecturer In Sonic Arts, Goldsmiths, University of London
16. Rebecca Alexander, Assistant Professor of Education Studies, Depauw University
17. Rebecca Alpert, Professor of Religion, Temple University
18. Evelyn Alsultany, Associate Professor, American Culture, University of Michigan
19. Yali Amit, Professor, Statistics, University of Chicago
20. Elizabeth Anderson, John Dewey Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy And Women’s Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
21. Eric Anderson, Systems Scientist, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University
22. Kevin B Anderson, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara
23. Joel Andreas, Associate Professor, Sociology Department, Johns Hopkins University
24. Ovamir Anjum, Assoc. Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Toledo
25. Elisabeth Anker, Associate Professor of American Studies
26. Peder Anker, Professor Gallatin School, New York University
27. Martha Ann Kirk , Professor of Religious Studies, University of The Incarnate Word
28. Valerie Ann Johnson, Mott Distinguished Professor of Women’s Studies, Bennett College
29. Peter Antelyes, English Department And Jewish Studies Program, Vassar College
30. Sinan Antoon, Associate Professor, New York University
31. Rene Antrop-Gonzalez, Dean, School of Urban Education, Metropolitan State University
32. Megha Anwer, Lecturer, Honors College, Purdue University
33. Ibrahim Aoudé, Professor Department of Ethnic Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa
34. Sofya Aptekar , Assistant Professor, Sociology, Umass Boston
35. Troy Araiza Kokinis, PhD Candidate, University of California San Diego
36. Javier Arbona, Assistant Professor , UC Davis
37. Peter Arnade, Dean, College of Arts And Humanities, University of Hawaii Manoa
38. David Arnow, Professor, Brooklyn College (CUNY)
39. Annette Aronowicz, Professor, Franklin & Marshall College
40. Soheil Asefi, Graduate Student/Political Science, The New School For Social Research
41. Barbara Aswad, Professor Emerita, Anthropology, Wayne State University
42. Mona Atia, Associate Professor, Geography And International Affairs, George Washington University
43. Wayne Au, Associate Professor, School of Educational Studies, University of Washington Bothell
44. Elsa Auerbach, Professor Emerita English Department, University of Massachusetts Boston
45. Joseph Auslander, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Maryland
46. Robert Austin, Ph.D, Visiting Scholar, Centre For Peace & Conflict Studies, University of Sydney
47. Aram Ayalon, Education Leadership, Central Connecticut State University
48. Rick Ayers, Asst. Professor, School of Education, University of San Francisco
49. Sylvat Aziz, Associate Professor, Queens University Kingston On
50. Sarah Babb, Professor, Department of Sociology, Boston College
51. Cristina Bacchilega, Professor of English & Graduate Program Director, University of Hawaii
52. Gabeba Baderoon, Associate Professor, Penn State
53. Bertrand Badie, Professor of International Relations, Sciences Po Paris
54. Mary Baine Campbell, Professor, English and Comparative Literature, Brandeis University
55. Radhika Balakrishnan, Professor Women’s And Gender Studies , Rutgers University
56. Ian Balfour, Professor of English, York University
57. Benjamin Balthaser, Associate Professor , Department of English, Indiana University, South Bend
58. Mohammed Bamyeh, Professor of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh
59. Joanne Barker, Professor of American Indian Studies, San Francisco State University
60. Scharles Barlow, Lecturer In Public Policy And Geography, University of Chicago
61. Ian Barnard, Associate Professor of Rhetoric And Composition, Chapman University
62. Anita Barrows, Institute Professor, The Wright Institute, Berkeley
63. Umesh Bawa, Clinical Psychologist, University of The Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa
64. Anthony Bayani Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, St. John’s University
65. Moustafa Bayoumi, Professor, English , Brooklyn College, City University of New York
66. Jean Beaman, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Purdue University
67. Gordon Beeferman, Phd Candidate, Music, New York University
68. Peter Beinart, Associate Professor of Journalism and Political Science, CUNY
69. Joel Beinin, Donald J. Mclachlan Professor of History , Stanford University
70. Devon Belcher, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Oglethorpe University
71. James Bellini, Professor, School of Education, Syracuse University
72. Thomas Bender, University Professor of The Humanities And Professor of History, New York University
73. Jessica Benjamin, Clinical Professor, New York University Postdoctoral Psychology Program
74. Aaron Berman, Professor of History, Hampshire College
75. Josh Bernstein, Assistant Professor of English, University of Minnesota Duluth
76. Didier Bertrand, Associate Professor of French, Department of World Languages & Cultures, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
77. Sofia Betancourt, Assistant Professor of Unitarian Universalist Theologies And Ethics, Starr King School For The Ministry
78. Carolyn Betensky , Associate Professor, English , University of Rhode Island
79. Tithi Bhattacharya, Associate Professor of History, Purdue University
80. Emanuela Bianchi, Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature,, New York University
81. Stephen Biggs, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
82. Anat Biletzki, Albert Schweitzer Professor of Philosophy, Quinnipiac University
83. Martin Billeter, Emeritus Prof Molecular Biology, University of Zurich
84. Marc Bilodeau, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
85. Cyrus Bina, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics, University of Minessota (Morris Campus)
86. Lucia C. Birnbaum, Professor Emerita, Philosophy And Religion Department, California Institute of Integral Studies
87. Amahl Bishara, Associate Professor, Anthropology, Tufts University
88. Wesley Bishop, PhD Student History Department, Purdue University
89. Erin Blakeslee, Writing Instructor & Ph.D. Candidate, Case Western Reserve University
90. Zach Blas, Lecturer, Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths, University of London
91. Ned Block, Silver Professor, Philosophy Department, New York University
92. Ashley Bohrer, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Hamilton College
93. Hagit Borer, Professor of Linguistics, Queen Mary University of London
94. Steven Botticelli, Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychology, Nyu
95. Harriet Bowden, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
96. Baruch Boxer, Professor of Geography And Human Ecology (Emeritus), Rutgers University
97. Daniel Boyarin, Taubmann Professor of Talmudic Culture, Near Eastern Studies And Rhetoric, University of California At Berkeley
98. Shamma Boyarin, Professor English Department, University of Victoria
99. Naomi Braine, Associate Professor, Sociology Dept, Brooklyn College, CUNY
100. Lundy Braun, Professor, Pathology; Africana Studies, Brown University
101. Timothy Brennan, Samuel Russell Chair In The Humanities, University of Minnesota
102. Steve Breyman, Associate Professor, Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
103. Peter Brian Barry, Finkbeiner Endowed Professor In Ethics, Saginaw Valley State University
104. Howard Brick, Professor of History, University of Michigan
105. Matt Brim, Associate Professor, College of Staten Island, CUNY
106. Linda Brion-Meisels, Professor Emerita (Psychology And Education) , Lesley University
107. Natalia Brizuela, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese, University of California, Berkeley
108. Marilee Brooks-Gillies, Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
109. Sarah Brophy, Professor, English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University
110. Farrel Broslawsky, Professor of History, Emeritus, Los Angeles Valley College
111. Marie Alohalani Brown, Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii At Manoa, Religion Department
112. Kevin Bruyneel, Professor of Politics. History & Society Division, Babson College
113. Julia Bryan-Wilson, Associate Professor, History of Art , Uc Berkeley
114. Andrei Buckareff, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Marist College
115. Emily Burns, PhD, Doctor, Graduate for School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Birmingam
116. Richard Burt, Professor of English, University of Florida
117. Cornelia Butler Flora, Distinguished Professor Emerita Sociology, Iowa State University
118. Luz Calvo, Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, California State University, East Bay
119. Carolina Cambre, Assistant Professor, Education, Concordia University
120. Jeffrey Carlson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Mathematics
121. Catherine Cassara, Associate Professor, School of Media & Communication, Bowling Green State University
122. Mary Catherine Kinniburgh, Ph.D. Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY
123. Manuela Ceballos, Assistant Professor, UT-Knoxville
124. Juana Celia Djelal, Senior Lecturer In Humanities, Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies (Retired), Penn State University
125. David W Chadwick, Professor of Information Systems Security, School of Computing, University of Kent, UK
126. Paula Chakravartty, Associate Professor, NYU
127. Jules Chametzky, Professor of English, Emeritus , University of Mass/ Amherst
128. Peter Chametzky, Professor of Art History & Director, School of Visual Art And Design, University of South Carolina
129. John Champagne, Professor of English, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
130. David B. Chandler, Professor of Mathematics, Widener University
131. Shefali Chandra, Associate Professor, History, Washington University In St Louis
132. Hayan Charara, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Houston
133. Jeffrey Charles Marck Phd, Research Associate, Linguistics, Research School of Asian And Pacific Studies (Retired), Australian National University
134. Sonya Charles, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy And Comparative Religion, Cleveland State University
135. S. Charusheela, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts And Sciences, University of Washington, Bothell
136. Barbara Chasin, Professor Emertia, Sociology, Montclair State University
137. Piya Chatterjee, Professor and Chair, Feminist, Gender And Sexuality Stidies, Scripps College
138. Joaquin Chavez, UPTE-CWA 9119 Davis Vice President, University of California, Davis // Communications Workers of America
139. Jih-Fei Cheng, Assistant Professor of Feminist, Gender, And Sexuality Studies, Scripps College
140. Eric Cheyfitz, Ernest I. White Professor of American Studies And Humane Letters, Cornell
141. Chris Chiappari, Associate Professor, St. Olaf College
142. Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor (Retired), MIT
143. Samir Chopra, Professor, Philosophy, Brooklyn College
144. Allan C. Christensen, Professor Emeritus of English, John Cabot University, Rome
145. George Ciccariello-Maher, Associate Professor of Politics And Global Studies, Drexel University
146. Zeljko Cipris, Professor, University of The Pacific
147. Cecilia Cissell Lucas, Lecturer, UC Berkeley
148. Norma Claire Moruzzi, Associate Professor, Political Science and Gender & Women’s Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
149. Leigh Clark, Chair, English Department, School of Engineering And Design, James Monroe High School
150. Brady Clark, College Adviser And Senior Lecturer (Department of Linguistics), Northwestern University
151. Jeanne Clark, Associate Professor, Rhetoric, Willamette University
152. Ezra Claverie, Lecturer, Writing Program, Nyu Shanghai
153. Robert Clive Cressy, Emeritus Professor of Finance, Entrepreneurship And Innovation, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, Uk
154. Dana Cloud, Professor, Communication And Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University
155. Nancy Coffin, Sr. Lecturer In Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University
156. Jennifer Cohen, Assistant Professor, Miami University
157. Bruce Cohen, Professor Emeritus, Worcester State University
158. Merrill Cole, Associate Professor of English, Western Illinois University
159. M. Coleman, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
160. Ebony Coletu, Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University
161. Elliott Colla, Associate Professor, Dept. of Arabic And Islamic Studies, Georgetown University
162. John Collins, Professor, Global Studies, St. Lawrence University
163. Elizabeth Colwill, Associate Professor of American Studies, University of HawaiʻI Mānoa
164. Rebecca Comay, Professor, Dept of Philosophy, University of Toronto
165. Brian Connolly, Associate Professor of History, University of South Florida
166. Stephen Cope, Assistant Professor, Hobart And William Smith Colleges
167. Catherine Coray, Associate Arts Professor/Theater, Nyu Tisch/Nyu Abu Dhabi
168. Maria Cotera, Associate Professor, American Culture And Women’s Studies, University of Michigan
169. Eric Covey, Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University
170. Anicca Cox, Assistant Director of First Year English, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
171. Amy Cox, Director, International Peace And Conflict Resolution MA Program, Arcadia University
172. Ashon Crawley, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies, University of California, Riverside
173. Robert Cressy, Professor Emeritus, Birmingham Business School, Birmingham, UK
174. Mark Crispin Miller, Professor, Media, Culture And Communication, NYU
175. Robert Cronbach, Graduate/Alumni, Stanford University
176. Erica Cruikshank Dodd, Adjunct Professor , University of Victoria, B.C.
177. Elyse Crystall , Senior Lecturer , Dept of English & Comp Lit, Unc-Chapel Hill
178. Iris Cushing , Phd Student , Graduate Center of The City University of New York
179. Ann Cvetkovich, Garwood Centennial Professor of English And Women’s And Gender Studies, University of Texas-Austin
180. Salah D Hassan, Associate Professor, Michigan State University
181. Michael D. Bartone , Assistant Professor, Elementary Education, Central Connecticut State University
182. Robert D. Day , Faculty, Peabody Conservatory, Johns Hopkins University
183. Lance D. Laird, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Medical Anthropology And Cross-Cultural Practice Program, Boston University School of Medicine
184. Robin D.G. Kelley, Professor and Gary B. Nash Endowed Chair In U.S. History, UCLA
185. Arlene Dallalfar, Professor of Sociology, Lesley University
186. Monisha Das Gupta, Professor And Chair of Ethnic Studies, University of Hawaii At Manoa
187. J. David Velleman, Professor, Department of Philosophy, New York University
188. John David Zuern, Associate Professor of English, University of Hawaii
189. Lawrence Davidson, Professor Emeritus, West Chester University
190. Byron Davies, Phd Candidate In Philosophy, Harvard University
191. Rochelle Davis, Associate Professor, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
192. Thomas Davis, Associate Professor, Department of English, The Ohio State University
193. Tiffany Davis, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Chicago State University
194. Uri Davis, Erstwhile Associate Professor, Israel Studies Track Institute of Area Studies Al-Quds University Jerusalem, Abu Dis Palestinian Authority Palestine
195. Ashley Dawson, Professor of English, Cuny Staten Island
196. Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, Professor (Sociology), Université Paris Diderot-Paris7
197. Colin Dayan, Professor of Humanities And Law , Vanderbilt University
198. Benjamin De Lee, Assistant Professor, History, Suny Cortland
199. Misty De Berry, Phd Candidate, Performance Studies, Northwestern University
200. Hent De Vries, Russ Family Professor of Humanities And Philosophy; Director of The Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins University
201. Herman De Ley, Professor (Retired), Philosophy And Moral Science, Ghent University
202. Marisol De La Cadena, Professor, Anthropology Department, University of California-Davis
203. Nicholas De Genova, Reader, Department of Geography, King’s College London
204. Jodi Dean, Donald R. Harter Chair of Humanities And Social Sciences, Hobart And William Smith Colleges
205. Dennis Debiak, Psy.D., Adjunct Associate Professor; President-Elect, Division of Psychoanalysis (39) of Apa, Widener University
206. Jeramy Decristo, UC Pres. Post-Doc, Literature, University of California, San Diego
207. Adrian Del Caro, Professor, Modern Foreign Languages And Literatures, University of Tennessee
208. Ivonne Del Valle, Associate Professor, Spanish And Portuguese, U.C. Berkeley
209. Sheila Delany, Emerita, English, Simon Fraser University
210. TJ Demos, Professor, Department of History of Art and Visual Culture, UC Santa Cruz
211. Gina Dent, Associate Professor, Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz
212. Shoshana Dentz, Part-Time Assistant Professor, MFA Fine Arts, Parsons The New School
213. Maria DePriest, Associate Professor, English Department, Portland State University
214. Jigna Desai, Professor, Department of Gender, Women, And Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota
215. Alaina Desalvo, Graduate Student, Organizational Leadership, Policy And Development, University of Minnesota
216. Michael C. Desch, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Notre Dame
217. Kalyani Devaki Menon, Associate Professor, DePaul University
218. James Dickins, Professor of Arabic; Dept. of Arabic, Islamic And Middle Eastern Studies, University of Leeds
219. Hasia Diner, Professor of Hebrew And Judaic Studies And History; Paul S. And Sylvia Steinberg Professor of American Jewish History; Director, Goldstein-Goren Center For American Jewish History; Director of Undergraduate Studies, Skirball Department of Hebrew And Judaic Studies, New York University
220. Arif Dirlik, Knight Professor of Social Science, Retired, University of Oregon
221. Jackie Disalvo, Assoc. Professor. English, Baruch College, Cuny, Professional Staff Congress At Cuny, AFT 2334
222. Roger Dittmann, Professor of Physics Emeritus, Csu Fullerton
223. Christopher Dole, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Amherst College
224. Jennifer Doyle, Professor of English, Director of Graduate Admissions For English, University of California, Riverside
225. Kimberly Drake, Associate Professor And Director of Writing, Scripps College
226. Jack Dresser, Ph.D., National Co-Chair, Working Group On Palestine And The Middle East, Veterans For Peace
227. Mark Driscoll, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel-Hill
228. David Dubnau, Professor, Public Health Research Institute , New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers University
229. Ellen Dubois, Distinguished Professor of History And Gender Studies, UCLA
230. Lisa Duggan, Professor, Department of Social And Cultural Analysis, NYU
231. Stephen Duncombe, Professor, Gallatin School & Media, Culture And Communications, Steinhardt School, New York University
232. Mohibullah Durrani, Engineering, Montgomery College
233. Ira Dworkin, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Texas A&M University
234. Ruth E. Kastner, Research Associate, Dept of Philosophy, University of Maryland
235. Benedict E. Dedominicis, Associate Professor, International Studies Department, Catholic University of Korea
236. David E. Rohrlich, Professor, Department of Mathematics And Statistics, Boston University
237. Edward E. Curtis Iv, Professor of Religious Studies, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
238. Judith E. Tucker, Professor, Department of History, Georgetown University
239. Kenneth E. Bauzon, Professor of Political Science, Saint Joseph’s College — New York
240. Rebecca E. Karl, Associate Professor, History, New York University
241. Robert E. Lerner, Ritzma Professor of Humanities, Northwestern University
242. Frances Egan, Professor, Philosophy, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
243. Omnia El Shakry, Associate Professor of History, UC Davis
244. Jaafar El-Murad, Dr, Head, Dept of Marketing & Business Strategy, University of Westminster, London
245. Darshan Elena Campos, Ph.D., Director of Community Partnerships, Alan Blueford Center For Justice
246. Alexander Elinson, Associate Professor of Arabic, Hunter College; The Graduate Center, CUNY
247. Mary Ellen Davis, Part-Time Professor, School of Cinema, Concordia University
248. Sarah Elwood, Professor of Geography, University of Washington
249. Allen F. Roberts, Professor, Dept of World Arts & Cultures/Dance, UCLA
250. Andres Fabian Henao Castro, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Massachusetts Boston
251. Mohammad Fadel, Associate Professor, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
252. Axel Fair-Schulz, Associate Professor, Department of History , State University of New York At Potsdam253. Richard Falk, Professor of Law (Emeritus), Princeton University
254. Laila Farah, Associate Professor, Women’s & Gender Studies, DePaul University
255. Faramarz Farbod, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Political Science, Moravian College
256. James C Faris Director Emeritus, University of Connecticut Program In Middle East Languages And Area Studies.
257. Ilana Feldman, Professor, Anthropology Department, George Washington University
258. Susan Felleman, Professor, Art History, Film & Media Studies, University of South Carolina
259. Gordon Fellman, Professor of Sociology, Brandeis University
260. Margaret Ferguson, Distinguished Professor of English And 2014 President of The Modern Language Association, UC Davis
261. Kathleen Feyh, Senior Lecturer, Communication & Rhetorical Studies , Syracuse University
262. Rudy Fichtenbaum, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Wright State University
263. Raya Fidel, Professor Emerita, Information School, University of Washington
264. Hartry Field, University Professor And Silver Professor of Philosophy, New York University
265. Belden Fields, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Illinois, Urbana
266. Gary Fields, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of California, San Diego
267. Carlos Figueroa, Assistant Professor, Politics Department, Ithaca College
268. Lana Fishkin MD, Clinical Asst Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Thomas Jefferson University
269. Kevin Floyd, Professor, Department of English, Kent State University
270. Jerise Fogel, Adjunct Instructor, Classics And General Humanities, Montclair State University
271. Claudio Fogu, Associate Professor of Italian, UC Santa Barbara
272. Barbara Foley, Distinguished Professor, English And American Studies, Rutgers University-Newark
273. Valerie Forman, Associate Professor, Gallatin School, New York University
274. Manzar Foroohar, Professor, California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo
275. Ronald Forthofer, Retired Professor, Department of Biostatistics, University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, TX
276. Stephen Fox, Associate Professor of English, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
277. Katherine Franke, Sulzbacher Professor of Law, Columbia University
278. Cynthia Franklin, Professor of English, University of Hawaii
279. Laurel Fredrickson, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
280. Elaine Freedgood, Professor, English, NYU
281. Su Friedrich, Professor, Visual Arts Program, Princeton University
282. Dan Froot, Professor, Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UCLA
283. Marilyn Frye, University Distinguished Professor Emerita, Department of Philosophy, Michigan State University
284. Candace Fujikane, Associate Professor of English, University of Hawaii
285. Misty G. Anderson, Professor of English, University of Tennessee
286. Nancy Gallagher, Research Professor of History And Professor Emerita, UCSB
287. Zelda Gamson, Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts Boston
288. Jorge Garcia, Emeritus Prof Chicana/O Studies, California State University Northridge
289. Juan Carlos García-Ellín, Assistant Professor , University of Puerto Rico At Ponce
290. Philip Gasper, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Notre Dame De Namur University
291. Michael Gasser, Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Informatics & Computing, Indiana University
292. Robert Gelbach, Professor of Political Science (Retired), Southern Connecticut State University
293. Chris Gerben, Assistant Professor, St. Edward’s University
294. Cathy Gere, Associate Professor, History Department, UCSD
295. Adom Getachew, Assistant Professor Political Science, University of Chicago
296. Bishnupriya Ghosh, Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
297. Lis Gilager, Candidate of English And Pedagogics, Copenhagen University
298. Millie Gimmel, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Tennessee
299. Terri Ginsberg, Assistant Professor & Director of Film, American University In Cairo
300. Dina Giovanelli, Assistant Professor Sociology, Monroe Community College
301. Arturo Giraldez, Professor /School of International Studies, University of The Pacific (Stockton)
302. Henry Giroux, Professor of English And Cultural Studies, McMaster University
303. Jonathon Glassman, Professor, Department of History, Northwestern University
304. Jill Godmilow, Professor Emeritai, Dept. of Film, Television & Theatre, University of Notre Dame
305. Tami Gold, Professor Filmmaker, Hunter College CUNY
306. Laura Goldblatt, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Virginia
307. Nancy Goldfarb, Senior Lecturer, English, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
308. Harvey Goldman, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego
309. Camilo Gómez-Rivas, Assistant Professor, Literature, Uc Santa Cruz
310. Geoff Goodman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program, Long Island University
311. Gloria Goodwin Raheja, Professor of Anthropology, University of Minnesota
312. Jeff Goodwin, Professor of Sociology, New York University
313. Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua, Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Hawai’i at Manoa
314. Deborah Gordon, Associate Professor Women’s Studies, Wichita State University
315. Linda Gordon, University Professor, History, NYU
316. Kevin Gould, Associate Professor, Concordia University, Montreal
317. Marc Goulding, Assistant Professor, Department of History & Geography, University of Central Oklahoma
318. Stathis Gourgouris , Professor of Classics, English, And Comparative Literature & Society, Columbia University
319. Tarez Graban, Associate Professor of English, Florida State University
320. Colin C. Graham, Honorary Professor, Dept of Mathematics, University of British Columbia
321. Arthur C. Grant, Associate Professor of Neurology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
322. Jonathan Graubart, Professor of Political Science, San Diego State University
323. David Grinstein, Instructor, Mathematics, Husson University
324. Carole H Browner, Professor, Anthropology and Gender Studies, UCLA
325. Henry H. Bucher, Jr., Associate Professor Emeritus of Humanities, Austin College, Sherman, Texas
326. Adam H. Becker, Professor of Religious Studies And Classics, New York University
327. Dwight Haase, Associate Professor, Sociology, University of Toledo
328. Michel Habib, Professor of Finance, University of Zurich
329. Marilyn Hacker, Professor (Emerita), City University of New York
330. Amy Hagopian, Phd, Director, Community Oriented Public Health Practice MPH Degree Program, University of Was
331. Sondra Hale, Research Professor, Anthropology and Gender Studies, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
332. Henry Hale Bucher, Jr., Associate Professor Emeritus of Humanities, Austin College
333. Sarah Haley, Assistant Professor, Gender Studies & African American Studies, UCLA
334. Elora Halim Chowdhury, Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies Department, University of Massachusetts Boston
335. Dk Halim, Ph.D, Environmental Psychology, Pancasila University
336. Hala Halim, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature And Middle Eastern Studies, New York University
337. Cierra Hall, Phd Student, Uic
338. Randall Halle, Directory, Film Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh
339. Sherine Hamdy, Associate Professor Department of Anthropology, Brown University
340. Ross Hamilton, Professor of English , Barnard College, Columbia University
341. Hanan Hammad, Associate Professor, TCU
342. Juliane Hammer, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, UNC Chapel Hill
343. Michael Handelsman, Professor of Latin American Literature, University of Tennessee
344. David Hanlon, Department of History, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa
345. Maria Hantzopoulos, Associate Professor of Education, Vassar College
346. Barbara Harlow, Professor, English, University of Texas at Austin
347. Beth Harris, Associate Professor (Retired), Ithaca College
348. Michael Harris, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Columbia University
349. William Harrison, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry, California State University Northridge
350. Gabriel Hartley, Associate Professor, English Department, Ohio University
351. Omar Hassan Dphrepaulezz, Assistant Professor , SUNY Oneonta
352. Feroz Hassan, Doctoral Candidate, University of Michigan
353. Peter Hawxhurst, President, Education Equals Making Community Connections
354. Thomas Hayes, Lecturer, Film Division, Ohio University
355. Gretchen Head, Assistant Professor, Literature, Yale-Nus College
356. David Heap, Associate Professor, French Studies & Linguistics, University of Western Ontario
357. Nicholas Heer, Professor Emeritus, Department of Near Eastern Languages And Civilization, University of Washington
358. Glenn Hendler, Professor And Chair, Department of English, Fordham University
359. David Henkin, Professor, University of California, Berkeley
360. Brian Hennigan, Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography, Syracuse University
361. Helen Heran Jun, Associate Professor, English and African American Studies, University of Illinois, Chicago
362. Sami Hermez , Assistant Professor, Northwestern University In Qatar
363. Jocelyn Hermoso, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, San Francisco State University
364. Neil Hertz, Professor of Humanities & English, Johns Hopkins University
365. Linda Hess, Senior Lecturer, Religious Studies, Stanford University
366. Gabriel Hetland, Assistant Professor, Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latino Studies, University at Albany, SUNY
367. Cheryl Higashida, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
368. Rebecca Hill, Director of the MA Program In American Studies, Associate Professor, Kennesaw State University
369. Donald Hindley, Emeritus Professor of Politics, Brandeis University
370. Kimberly Hoang, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
371. Adam Hochschild, Lecturer, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley
372. Kinch Hoekstra, Chancellor’s Professor of Political Science and Law, University of California, Berkeley
373. Kristin Hoganson, Professor of History, University of Illinois
374. Nancy Caro Hollander, Ph.D., Instructor, NYU Post-Doctoral Program In Psychotherapy And Psychoanalysis, New York University
375. Jim Holstun, Professor of English, University At Buffalo
376. Bonnie Honig, Nancy Duke Lewis Professor, Political Science And Modern Culture And Media, Brown University
377. Jamila Horabin, Associate Professor, Florida State University
378. Mara Horowitz, Lecturer, Humanities, Purchase College SUNY
379. Craig Howes, Professor of English, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
380. Matt Huber, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Syracuse University
381. Ivan Huber, Professor Emeritus Biology, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ., Madison (New Jersey) Campus
382. George Hudes, Contract Beekeeper, University of Hawaii
383. Richard Humphrey, Research & Instruction Librarian, Iu Mckinney School of Law
384. Mehdi Husaini, Lecturer, Teesside University University & College Union
385. José I. Fusté, Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Bothell
386. William I. Robinson, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California At Santa Barbara
387. Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, Senior Scholar, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies, San Francisco State University
388. Mahmood Ibrahim, Professor, Cal Poly Pomona
389. Rachel Ida Buff, Professor, History & Coordinator, Comparative Ethnic Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
390. Georgette Ioup, Professor of Linguistics, Emerita, University of New Orleans
391. Jenann Ismael, Professor, Philosophy, University of Arizona
392. Mohamad Issa, Professor of Physics (Retired), Retired , Qatar University
393. Ade Iva Murty, Msi., Dept of Psychology, Universitas Pancasila Indonesia
394. Nalini Iyer, Professor of English, Seattle University
395. Elizabeth J Ordonez, Professor Emerita of Spanish Literature, University of Texas
396. Benjamin J Muller, Associate Professor, Political Science, King’s University College
397. Michael J Shapiro, Dept of Political Science, University of Hawaii, Manoa
398. Bernadette J. Brooten, Robert and Myra Kraft and Jacob Hyatt Professor of Christian Studies, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies; Professor of Women & Gender Studies, Classics, and Program in Religious Studies, Brandeis University
399. David J. Leonard, Professor, Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies, Washington State University
400. Fernando J. Rosenberg, Associate Professor of Romance Studies, Brandeis University
401. Stuart J. Murray, Canada Research Chair in Rhetoric and Ethics, Carleton University
402. Timothy J. Reiss, Professor Emeritus, Comparative Literature, New York University
403. Valerie J. Hoffman, Professor, Religion, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
404. Heidi J. Nast, Professor, DePaul University
405. Michael J. Drexler, Professor of English, Bucknell University
406. Ray Jackendoff, Seth Merrin Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University
407. Jack Jackson, Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, Whitman College
408. Rev. James M. Weiss, Associate Professor, Department of Theology, Boston College
409. Pranav Jani, Associate Professor of English, The Ohio State University
410. Bruce Janz, Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Central Florida
411. Kim Jensen, Professor, Department of English, Community College of Baltimore County
412. Rene Jochems, Chair, Academic Cultural Society
413. Adam John Waterman, Assistant Professor, Department of English, American University of Beirut
414. H. John Mcdargh, Associate Professor, Department of Theology, Boston College
415. Valerie Johnson, Associate Professor and Chair, Depaul University
416. Kenneth Johnson, Professor of Mathematics, Penn State University, Abington
417. Adriana Johnson, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, University of California – Irvine
418. Valerie C. Johnson, Associate Professor and Chair, Depaul University
419. Janet Johnson, Professor of Egyptology, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago
420. Toby C Jones, Associate Professor of History, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
421. Lynne Joyrich, Professor and Chair, Modern Culture and Media , Brown University
422. Moon-Kie Jung, Professor, Sociology, UMass Amherst
423. Jeffrey Juris, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Northeastern University
424. Brian K. Barber, Professor, Child and Family Studies, University of Tennessee
425. Ismail K. Poonawala, Professor Emeritus of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Dept. of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles
426. Jonathan K. Kamakawiwoʻole Osorio, Professor of Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
427. Lynette K. Henderson, Associate Professor of Art Education, Department of Art, California State University, Northridge
428. Nurul Kabir, Adjunct Professor, Texas A&M University
429. Djelal Kadir, E.E. Sparks, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature, Penn State University
430. Claire Kahane, Professor Emerita, English, University At Buffalo
431. Justin Kalef, Associate Teaching Professor, Rutgers University
432. Amy Kaler, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Alberta
433. Nancy Kalow, Instructor, Duke Center for Documentary Studies
434. Louis Kampf, Professor of Literature Emeritus, MIT
435. Rhoda Kanaaneh, Adjunct Assooc. Professor, Columbia University
436. Susan Kang, Associate Professor, CUNY
437. Ahmed Kanna, Associate Professor, Anthropology & International Studies, University of the Pacific
438. Steve Kanofsky, Professor Emeritus, The Wright Institute
439. Amy Kaplan, Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania
440. Caren Kaplan, Professor, American Studies, UC Davis
441. Marion Kaplan, Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, New York University
442. Jyotsna Kapur, Professor, Department of Cinema and Photography, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
443. Stephen Karakashian, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Reed College and Rockefeller University
444. Lamia Karim, Associate Professor, University of Oregon
445. Persis Karim, Professor of English & Comparative Literature, San Jose State University
446. Aaron Katz, Principal Lecturer, University of Washington School of Public Health
447. J. Kēhaulani Kauanui, Professor of American Studies and Anthropology, Wesleyan University
448. Suvir Kaul, A M Rosenthal Professor, University of Pennsylvania
449. David Kazanjian, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania
450. Matthew Kchew, Instructor, Arizona State University, School of Life Sciences
451. William Keach, Professor of English, Brown University
452. Michael Keefer, Professor Emeritus, School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph
453. Robert Keisner, Professor of Psychology, Long Island University
454. J.L. Keith, Professor Emerita, University of Connecticut, Storrs
455. Ari Y Kelman, Jim Joseph Chair In Education and Jewish Studies, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University
456. Marie Kennedy, Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts Boston
457. Ann Kennedy, Associate Professor of Humanities, University of Maine Farmington
458. Noel Kent, Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
459. Amber Kerr, Postdoctoral Researcher, John Muir Institute of the Environment, University of California, Davis
460. Arang Keshavarzian, Associate Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York University
461. Khaled Keshk, Associate Professor, DePaul University
462. Muhammad Ali Khalidi, Professor of Philosophy, York University, Toronto
463. Shireen Khazeni, Department of History, University of Utah
464. Richard Kieckhefer, Professor of Religious Studies, Northwestern University
465. Jane Killgore, Clinical Ob/Gyn Faculty, University of North Dakota
466. Jini Kim Watson, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, New York University
467. Jodi Kim, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside
468. Mary Catherine Kinniburgh, Ph.D. Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY
469. Thomas King, Associate Professor of English, Brandeis University
470. Lisa King, Assistant Professor of English, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
471. John King, Associate Adjunct Professor, New York University
472. Katherine King, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of California at Los Angeles
473. John Kingara H. Merjian, Associate Professor of Italian Studies, New York University
474. Laurence Kirby, Professor, Baruch College, CUNY
475. Lewis Kirshner, Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, Harvard University
476. Rachel Klein, Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego
477. David Klein, Professor of Mathematics, California State University Northridge
478. Lawrence Klein, Professor Emeritus, School of Education, Central Connecticut State University
479. Lucas Klein, Assistant Professor, School of Chinese, University of Hong Kong
480. Sherryl Kleinman, Professor of Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
481. Ilya Kliger, Associate Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, New York University
482. Marcia Klotz, Assistant Professor of English, University of Arizona, Tucson
483. Julianne Kornacki, Adjunct Lecturer, Hunter College
484. Dennis Kortheuer, Lecturer, History, Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach
485. Helen Koulidobrova, Assistant Professor In Linguistics, Central Connecticut State University
486. Joel Kovel, Distinguished Professor of Social Studies (Retired), Bard College
487. Wendy Kozol, Professor of American Studies, Oberlin College
488. Ron Krabill, Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, University of Washington Bothell
489. Vered Kraus, Professor, University of Haifa
490. Stefan Krieger, Professor, School of Law, Hofstra University
491. Deepa Kumar, Associate Professor, Journalism and Media Studies, Rutgers University
492. Kevin Kumashiro, Dean and Professor, School of Education, University of San Francisco
493. Linda L. Barnes, Professor of Family Medicine, Boston University
494. Carolyn L. Karcher, Professor Emerita of English, American Studies, and Women’s Studies, Temple University
495. Dennis L. Bricker, Professor Emeritus, The University of Iowa
496. Walter L. Hixson, Distinguished Professor, University of Akron
497. James L. Swarts, Lecturer, Department of History, SUNY Geneseo
498. Amy L. Brandzel, Associate Professor, American Studies and Women’s Studies, University of New Mexico
499. Jennifer L. Morgan, Professor, Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University
500. Joshua L. Miller, Associate Professor, English, University of Michigan
501. Patrick L. Gallagher, Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Language Studies , Kent State University
502. David Laibman, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Graduate School, City University of New York
503. Marc Lamont Hill, Distinguished Professor of Africana Studies, Morehouse College
504. Lara Langer Cohen, Associate Professor, English, Swarthmore College
505. Joan B. Landes, Ferree Professor Emerita of Early Modern History And Women’s Studies, Penn State University
506. Margaret Langer, Professor Emeriti, University of The Pacific
507. Fredric Larry Weiss, Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, Ramapo College
508. Craig Larson, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Virginia Commonwealth University
509. Amanda Lashaw, Visiting Assistant Professor, Education, UC Santa Cruz
510. Kimberly Lau, Professor, Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz
511. Helen Lauer, Professor, Dept. of Philosophy & Religious Studies, University of Dar Es Salaam
512. Bruce Laurie, Professor of History Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Amherst
513. Paul Lauter, Emeritus Professor of English, Trinity College
514. Kiese Laymon, Professor, Department of English, University of Mississippi
515. Steve Leberstein, Professor of History (Retired), City College of New York
516. Brian Leiter, Karl N. Llewellyn Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the Center for Law, Philosophy & Human Values, University of Chicago
517. Clyde Leland, Adjunct Professor of Legal Ethics, University of San Francisco School of Law
518. Sofia Lemons, Lecturer of Computer Science, University of New Hampshire
519. Gerson Lesser, Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, NYU
520. Gabriella Lettini, Dean of Faculty and Aurelia H. Reinhardt Professor of Theological Ethics, Starr King School For The Ministry – Gtu, Berkeley, Ca
521. David Letwin, Lecturer, Rutgers University
522. Maxwell Leung, Assistant Professor, California College of the Arts
523. David Levene, Professor of Classics, New York University
524. Louise Levesque Lopman, Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University
525. Debra Levine, Assistant Professor of Theater, New York University Abu Dhabi
526. Joseph Levine, Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts Amherst
527. Mark Levine, Professor of History, UC Irvine
528. Steven Levine, Associate Professor of Philosophy , University of Massachusetts, Boston
529. Bruce Levine, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
530. Holly Lewis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Texas State University
531. Darryl Li, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of Chicago
532. Grace Lile, Adjunct Faculty, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU
533. S. Lily Mendoza, Associate Professor, Oakland University
534. Abby Lippman, Professor Emerita, Mcgill University, Montreal, Quebec
535. Cathy Lisa Schneider, Associate Professor, School of International Service, American University
536. Lindsay Littrell, Lecturer, Indiana University School of Social Work
537. Julie Livingston, Professor of History and Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University
538. Roi Livne, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
539. David Lloyd, Professor of English, UC Riverside
540. Zachary Lockman, Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and of History, New York University
541. Jennifer Loewenstein, Associate Faculty, Middle East Studies and English, Penn State University
542. Ania Loomba, Professor, English Department, University of Pennsylvania
543. Erica Lorraine Williams, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Spelman College
544. Eric Lott, Professor, English and American Studies, CUNY Graduate Center
545. Ellen Louis, Graduate Student , Yale University
546. Alex Lubin, Professor of American Studies, University of New Mexico
547. Andrew Lugg, Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa
548. Erna Lund, Instructor, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Washington, Seattle
549. Ian Lustick, Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania
550. Colleen Lye, Assoc Professor, English, UC Berkeley
551. M. Brinton Lykes, Professor, Community-Cultural Psychology, Boston College, Lynch School of Education
552. Laura Lyons, Acting Dean of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, University of Hawai’i
553. Paul Lyons, Professor of English, University of Hawai‘i
554. Alison M Jaggar, College Professor of Distinction, Philosophy And Women And Gender Studies, University of Colorado At Boulder
555. Joanne M Hall, Professor College of Nursing, University of Tennessee Knoxville
556. Peter M Logan, Professor, English, Temple University
557. Omar M Dajani, Professor, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific
558. Elmer M. Tory, Professor Emeritus, Mount Allison University
559. Karen M. Booth, Assoc Prof, Women’s & Gender Studies, UNC Chapel Hill
560. Thomas M. Ricks, Ph.D., Independent Researcher In Middle East History, Former Villanova University Faculty
561. Gary M. English , Distinguished Professoer of Dtama, University of Connecticut
562. Heather M. Turcotte, Assistant Professor of Crime & Justice Studies, Umass Dartmouth
563. Jean M. O’Brien, Distinguished Mcknight University Professor, Department of History, University of Minnesota
564. Sonia M. Rosen, Assistant Professor, Arcadia University School of Education
565. Richard Macmaster, Retired, University of Florida
566. Sunaina Maira, Professor of Asian American Studies, UC Davis
567. Harry Mairson, Professor of Computer Science, Brandeis University
568. Debra Majeed, Professor of Religious Studies, Beloit College
569. Nivedita Majumdar , Associate Professor of English , John Jay College, CUNY
570. Neepa Majumdar, Associate Professor, English And Film Studies, University of Pittsburgh
571. Cristina Malcolmson, Professor Emerita of English, Bates College
572. Harriet Malinowitz, Lecturer In Writing, Ithaca College
573. Kareen Malone, Professor Emerita, Psychology, University of West Georgia
574. Charles Manekin, Dept of Philosophy, University of Maryland
575. Peter Marcuse, Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning, Coluimbia Universit,
576. Curtis Marez, Professor of Ethnic Studies , University of California, San Diego
577. Jared Margulies, Phd Candidate, Geography And Environmental Systems , University of Maryland Baltimore County
578. Liv Mariah Yarrow, Associate Professor, Classics, City University of New York
579. Rose Marie Kuhn, Professor of French, California State University Fresno
580. Shawn Marie Boyne, Professor of Law, Iu Robert H. Mckinney School of Law
581. David Mario Comedi, Associate Professor And Principal Investigator, Department of Physics-Facet And National Research Council of Argentina-Conicet, National University of Tucuman
582. William Mark Habeeb, Faculty of Masters In Foreign Service Program (Msfs), Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
583. Victoria Marks, Professor: Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UCLA
584. Morag Martin, Associate Professor, College At Brockport, Suny
585. Deepika Marya, Associate Professor, Commonwealth Honors College,
586. Michelle Mason, Visiting Professor, Brown University
587. Karim Mattar, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Colorado at Boulder
588. Khaled Mattawa, Professor, Department of English Language And Literature, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
589. CK Matteson, Associate Professor of History, University of Hawai’i At Manoa
590. Peter Matthews Wright, Associate Professor, Colorado College
591. Jake Mattox, Associate Professor, English, Indiana University, South Bend
592. Greggor Mattson, Associate Professor of Sociology, Oberlin College
593. MJ Maynes, Professor, University of Minnesota
594. Melani Mcalister, Assoc Prof of American Studies & International Affairs, George Washington Univ.
595. Michael McCarthy, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Marquette
596. Francis McCollum Feeley, Professor Emeritus of American Studies, Universite De Grenoble-Alpes
597. Kate McCullough, Associate Professor, English And Fgss, Cornell University
598. John McCumber, Distinguished Professor, Germanic Languages, UCLA
599. David McDermott Hughes, Professor, Anthropology, Rutgers University
600. Paul McDermott, Adjunct Professor, Modern And Classical Languages And Literatures, California State University At Northridge
601. Meghan McDowell, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Politics, And Social Justice, Winston Salem State University
602. Carole McGranahan, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Colorado
603. Richard McGregor, Associate Professor, Religion, Vanderbilt University
604. Robert Mckay, Professor of Philosophy, Norwich University
605. Peter McLaren, Distinguished Professor In Critical Studies, Chapman University
606. Stuart Mclean, Associate Professor, Anthropology, University of Minnesota
607. David McNally, Professor of Political Science, York
608. Clea McNeely, Associate Professor of Public Health, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
609. Nadidah Mcquan, High School Teacher, Waterloo High School
610. John Mearsheimer, R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago
611. Jodi Melamed, Associate Professor of English And Africana Studies, Marquette University
612. Hassan Melehy, Professor of French And Francophone Studies, University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
613. Markar Melkonian, Lecturer, California State University, Northridge
614. Jeffrey Melnick, Professor, American Studies Department, University of Massachusetts Boston
615. Desireé Melonas, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Theory, Swarthmore College
616. Eve Meltzer, Associate Professor of Visual Studies, Nyu
617. Anne Meneley, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Trent University
618. Brinkley Messick, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University
619. Robin Messing, Library Aide, Cornell University
620. William Messing, Professor, School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota
621. Philip Metres, Professor, Department of English, Director, Peace, Justice And Human Rights Program , John Carroll University
622. Seamus P Metress, Professor of Anthropology, University of Toledo
623. Alan Meyers, Professor of Pediatrics, Boston University
624. Marie-Paule Michel-Chevron, President, Association “Palestine Demain”, Association “Palestine Demain” Geneva Switzerland
625. Frann Michel, Professor of English, Willamette University
626. Elana Michelson, Professor, Master of Arts In Liberal Studies, State University of New York – Empire State College
627. Elaine Miller, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Miami University
628. Angela Miller, Professor, Art History, Washington University
629. Mara Mills, Assistant Professor, New York University
630. Susette Min, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies, UC Davis
631. Shana Minkin , Assistant Professor of International And Global Studies, University of The South
632. Deepti Misri, Associate Professor of Women And Gender Studies, University of Colorado Boulder
633. Blanca Missé, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages And Literature, San Francisco State University
634. Michele Mitchell, Associate Professor, Department of History, New York University
635. Adam Miyashiro, Assistant Professor of Literature, Stockton University
636. Gabriella Modan, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
637. Mohamed Mohamed, Assistant Professor, Sociology And Social Work, Northern Arizona University
638. Paula Mohan, Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin
639. Satya P. Mohanty, Professor and Graduate Faculty Member, Cornell University
640. Jawid Mojaddedi, Professor, Department of Religion, Rutgers University
641. Sylvia Molloy, Schweitzer Professor of Humanities Emerita, New York University
642. Harvey Molotch, Professor of Sociology, New York University
643. Marie Monaco, Associate Professor, New York University
644. Warren Montag, Professor of English, Occidental College
645. Kathleen Moore, Professor And Chair, Religious Studies Department, Uc Santa Barbara
646. Regina Morantz-Sanchez, Professor, Department of History, University of Michigan
647. Gustavo Morello, Assistant Professor , Boston College
648. Dorinda Moreno, Former Professor, Innovator Ethnic Studies, SanFrancisco State University, La Raza St
649. Patricia Morton, Associate Professor, Art History, University of California, Riverside
650. Suzanne Morton, Professor, Department of History & Classical Studies, Mcgill University
651. David Moshman, Professor Emeritus, Educational Psychology, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
652. Fred Moten, Professor of English, University of California, Riverside
653. Suneela Mubayi, Ph.D. Candidate, Middle East & Islamic Studies, Nyu
654. Michael Muhammad Knight, Visiting Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, Kenyon College
655. Bill Mullen, Professor of English And American Studies, Purdue University
656. Lauren Muller, Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies , City College of San Francisco
657. Carol Murry Stevenson, Associate Clinical Professor, Health Policy Initiative (Ret.), University of Hawai’i, Manoa
658. Ali Musleh, Graduate Assistant, Department of Political Science, University of Hawaii
659. Abdul Mutalip Abdullah, Associate Professor, Social Science, Uni. Malaysia Sarawak
660. Susan Myers, Associate professor, Theology; Director, Women’s Studies, University of St. Thomas
661. Fred Myers, Professor of Anthropology , New York University
662. Marjorie N. Feld, Professor of History, Babson College
663. Mary N. Layoun, Professor of Comparative Literature, Department of Comparative Literature & Folklore Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison
664. Premilla Nadasen , Associate Professor, Barnard College
665. Hamid Naficy, Professor, Radio-Tv-Film, Northwestern University
666. Divya Nair, Adjunct Professor, English, Community College of Philadelphia
667. Orayb Najjar, Emerita Professor, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb
668. Susan Nakley, Associate Professor of English, St. Joseph’s College, New York
669. Sadu Nanjundiah, Professor, Physics, Central Connecticut State University
670. Yusra Nazar Hussain, MD, Adj. Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University
671. Anuradha Needham, Donald R. Longman Professor of English and Cinema Studies, Oberlin College
672. Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Associate Professor Department of Justice and Peace, University of St. Thomas
673. Diane Nelson, Professor Cultural Anthropology, Duke University
674. Henry Nelson, Undergraduate, University of Massachusetts Amherst
675. Vasuki Nesiah, Assoc. Professor of Practice, The Gallatin School, New York University
676. Jan Nespor, Professor, Education Policy , The Ohio State University
677. Frederick Neuhouser, Professor of Philosophy, Barnard College, Columbia University
678. Barbara Newman, Professor of English and Religious Studies, John Evans Professor of Latin, Northwestern University
679. Marcy Newman, Associate Professor of English, independent scholar
680. Christopher Nickell, Phd Student, Music, New York University
681. Mark Noah Hoffman, Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science, Vassar College
682. Mary Nolan, Professor of History,
683. Judith Norman, Professor of Philosophy, Trinity University
684. Nassim Noroozi, Phd Candidate, Dise,, Mcgill University
685. Hilton Obenzinger, Associate Director, Chinese Railroad Workers In North America Project, Stanford University
686. Bertell Ollman, Professor, Dept. of Politics, N.Y.U.
687. Ken Olum, Research Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Tufts
688. Ranen Omer-Sherman, JHFE Endowed Chair of Jewish Studies, University of Louisville
689. Dara Orenstein, Assistant Professor of American Studies, George Washington University
690. David Ozonoff, Professor, Department of Environmental Health, Boston University School of Public Health
691. Sean P. Duffy, Professor of Political Science, Quinnipiac University
692. Steven P. Vallas, Professor. Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Northeastern University
693. David P. Bremensruhl, Retired Educator/ Human Rights Activist, Retired Educator/ Laureate, International Biographical Centre
694. David Palumbo-Liu, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor of Comparative Literature, Stanford University
695. Shanté Paradigm Smalls, Assistant Professor, Department of English, St. John’s University
696. T. Parent, Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Virginia Tech
697. Terry K. Park, Lecturer in Asian-American Studies, Harvard University
699. Laila Parsons, Associate Professor History/Islamic Studies, Mcgill University
700. Leslie Patrick, Associate Professor of History, Bucknell University
701. Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Emeritus Professor In Ecosystem Science, University of California at Berkeley
702. Janice Peck, Professor, Media Studies, University of Colorado At Boulder
703. Patricia Penn Hilden, Professor Emerita, Comparative Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley
704. Lewis Pepper, Research Professor. Barry Commoner Center, Queens College City University of New York
705. Vincente Perez, Anthropology, University of Chicago
706. Josh Perlstein, Associate Professor, Central Connecticut State University
707. Noam Perry, Lecturer, Justice Studies, San Jose State University
708. Nicola Perugini, Lecturer, University Or Edinburgh
709. Rosalind Petchesky, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Political Science, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, Cuny
710. James Petras, Bartle Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University
711. Kong Pha, PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota
712. Denise Phillips, Associate Professor, History, University of Tennessee
713. Adrienne Pine, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, American University
714. Edie Pistolesi, Professor of Art, California State University Northridge
715. Kamala Platt, Independent Scholar & Professor, Meadowlark Center
716. Charles Post, Professor, Sociology, BMCC and the Graduate Center-CUNY
717. Fawn Potash, Program Manager, Milton Avrry Graduate School of The Arts, Bard College
718. Margaret Power, Professor of History, Illinois Institute of Technology
719. Nicola Pratt, Associate Professor, Politics & International Studies, University of Warwick
720. Jasbir Puar, Women’s and Gender Studies, Rutgers University
721. Laura Pulido, Professor, American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California
722. James Quesada, Professor & Chair, Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State University
723. Jessi Quizar, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, Northern Arizona University
724. Lee R Edwards, Emerita Professor, English, University of Massachusetts Amherst
725. Miriam R. Lowi, Professor, The College of New Jersey
726. Nicholas R. Marino, Adjunct Lecturer, Bmcc, Cuny
727. Amit R. Baishya, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Oklahoma
728. China R. Medel, Carolina Postdoctoral Fellow, Communication, UNC Chapel Hill
729. Derek R. Ford, Assistant Professor, Education Studies, Depauw University
730. Gina R. Dominique, Associate Professor, English Literature, Al-Quds University, Occupied Palestinian Territories
731. Megan R. Dowdell, Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethics and Society, Starr King School for the Ministry
732. Timothy R. Dougherty, Assistant Professor of English, West Chester University of Pa
733. Trevor R. Getz, Chair And Professor, Department of History, San Francisco State University
734. Gina R. Dominique, Associate Professor, English Literature, Al-Quds University, Occupied Palestinian Territories
735. Colin Raban, Emeritus Professor, Academic Audit Associates, Uk
736. Michael Rabb, Alumnus Ms Telecom ’83, University of Colorado
737. Nimanthi Rajasingham, Assistant Professor of English, Colgate University
738. Julie Rak, Professor And Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, University of Alberta
739. Aneil Rallin, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Soka University of America
740. Harsha Ram, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley
741. Junaid Rana, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
742. Nagesh Rao, Visiting Assistant Professor, English And University Studies, Colgate University
743. Nagesh Raonicole Fleetwood, Associate Professor, American Studies, Rutgers University
744. Anita Rapone, Professor Emerita, History, Suny Plattsburgh
745. Syksy Räsänen, University Researcher, University of Helsinki
746. Kamran Rastegar, Associate Professor, International Literary and Cultural Studies, Tufts University
747. Carina Ray, Associate Professor, Brandeis University
748. Shahla Razavi, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Mt. San Jacinto College
749. Stuart Rees, Professor Emeritus, University of Sydney, Nsw Australia
750. Jon Reiner, Almunus, Syracuse
751. Suzanna Reiss, Associate Professor, History, University of Hawai‘i Manoa
752. Suzette Rey, Retaité, Retraité
753. Mark Richard H. Haswell, Haas Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
754. Russell Rickford, Associate Professor of History, Cornell University
755. John Rieder, Professor of English And Department Chair, University of Hawaii At Manoa
756. Mark Rifkin, Director, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Professor of English, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
757. Alexis Rinck, Undergraduate Student Political Science And Sociology, Syracuse
758. Kenneth Ring, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Connecticut
759. John Ringhand, Registered Nurse, University of Wisconsin Hospital
760. Dina Rizk Khoury, Professor of History And International Affairs, George Washington University
761. Bruce Robbins, Old Dominion Foundation Professor In The Humanities, Columbia University
762. Nicholas Roberts, Associate Professor of History, Sewanee: The University of The South
763. Shira Robinson, Associate Professor of History And International Affairs, The George Washington University
764. Sam Rocha, Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Education, University of British Columbia
765. Stephen Roddy, Professor of Modern Languages, UCSF
766. Lisa Rofel, Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz
767. Eleanor Roffman, Professor Emerita, Lesley University
768. David Rohrlich, Professor, Department of Mathematics And Statistics, Boston University
769. Jeffrey Roland, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Louisiana State University
770. Gideon Rosen, Stuart Professor of Philosophy, Princeton University
771. Jordy Rosenberg, Associate Professor Department of English, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
772. Jonathan Rosenhead, Emeritus Professor of Operaional Research, London School of Economics
773. E. Wayne Ross, Professor, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia
774. Jesse Ross Knutson, Assistant Professor of Sanskrit, University of Hawaii, Manoa
775. Robert Ross, Associate Professor of Global Cultural Studies, Point Park University
776. Marty Roth, Emeritus Professor of English, University of Minnesota
777. Michael Rothberg, Professor of English And Comparative Literature, Ucla
778. Alice Rothchild Md, Retired Assistant Professor of Obstetrics And Gynecology, Harvard Medical School
779. Parama Roy, Professor of English, University of California, Davis
780. JS Rubin, Visiting Assistant Professor, Bard College
781. Rachel Rubin, Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston
782. Ann Rudinow Saetnan, Professor of Sociology, Norwegian University of Science And Technology
783. Catriona Rueda Esquibel, Professor, Race & Resistance Studies, San Francisco State University
784. Mark Rupert, Professor of Political Science, Syracuse Univ.
785. Ann Russo , Associate Professor, Women’s And Gender Studies, Lgbtq Studies, Depaul University
786. Roshni Rustomji-Kerns, Professor Emerita. India Studies And Hutchins School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Sonoma State University
787. Shawna Yang Ryan, Assistant Professor, English, University of Hawaii

788. Lawrence S. Moss, Director of Graduate Studies, Cognitive Science; And Professor of Mathematics, Indiana University, Bloomington
789. Jeffrey S. Brown, Associate Professor And Chair, Department of History, University of New Brunswick
790. Jeffrey Sacks, Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, University of California, Riverside
791. Sharmin Sadequee, Adjunct Social Science, Bmcc
792. Jonathan Sadow, Associate Professor of English, Suny Oneonta
793. Omid Safi, Professor of Iranian Studies, Asian And Middle Eastern Studies, Duke Universitiy
794. Prantik Saha, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics,
795. Yasmin Saikia, Hardt-Nickachos Chair In Peace Studies And Professor of History, History, Arizona State University
796. Steven Salaita, Edward W. Said Chair of American Studies, American University In Beirut
797. Christa Salamandra , Associate Professor of Anthropology, City University of New York
798. Josefina Saldaña-Portillo , Professor, Social And Cultural Analysis , New York University
799. Fuad Saleh, Phd Student, Arabic Studies, Georgetown University
800. Zakia Salime, Associate Professor, Rutgers
801. Keith Sanborn, Faculty of Film & Electronic Arts, The Milton Avery Graduate School In The Arts of Bard College
802. Rosaura Sanchez, Professor, Department of Literature, University of California, San Diego
803. Kathleen Sands, American Studies, University of Hawaii At Manoa
804. Tatiana Sangare , Student, Accounting & Political Science , Brooklyn College
805. Déborah Berman Santana, Professor Emeritus, Mills College
806. Mara Sapon-Shevin, Professor. Teaching And Leadership , Syracuse University
807. Dean Saranillio, Professor, New York University
808. Derek Sayer, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, University of Alberta
809. Rosemary Sayigh, Visitng Lecturer At Center For Arab And Middle East Studies, American University of Beirut,
810. James Schamus, Professor of Professional Practice, School of The Arts, Columbia University
811. Rebecca Scheckler, Educational Technologist, School of Nursing, Radford University
812. Naomi Scheman, Emerita Professor of Philosophy, University of Minnesota
813. Naomi Schiller, Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College, Cuny
814. Eric Schluessel, Assistant Professor, History, University of Montana
815. Cathy Schlund-Vials, Professor, English and Asian American Studies, University of Connecticut
816. Emily Schneider, Visiting Assistant Professor, Colorado College
817. Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology, Boston College
818. Heike Schotten, Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Massachusetts Boston
819. Ellen Schrecker, Professor of History, retired, Yeshiva University
820. Joshua Schreier, Professor of History, Vassar College
821. Sarah Schulman, Distinguished Professor of the Humanities, City University of New York, College of Staten Island
822. Jason Schulman, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Lehman College, Cuny
823. Katherine Schultz, Dean, School of Education, University of Colorado Boulder
824. Michael Schwalbe, Professor of Sociology, North Carolina State University
825. Louis-George’s Schwartz, Associate Professor, Ohio University Film Division
826. Jillian Schwedler, Professor of Political Science, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, Cuny
827. Susan Schweik, Professor of English, UC Berkeley
828. Philipp Schwind, Postdoc, Department of Philosophy, University of Zurich
829. Helen Scott, Associate Professor, English, University of Vermont
830. Richard Seaford, Professor of Ancient Greek, University of Exeter
831. Christopher Sean Harris, Associate Professor and Writing Coordinator, Cal State Los Angeles
832. Alan Sears, Professor, Department of Sociology, Ryerson University
833. Sahra Sedigh Sarvestani, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology
834. Sarita See, Associate Professor, Media & Cultural Studies, University of California Riverside
835. Daniel Segal, Jean Pitzer Professor of Anthropology and Professor of History, Pitzer College
836. Sherene Seikaly, Associate Professor, History, UC Santa Barbara
837. Stacey Sexton, Graduate Student, Epra/Spp, University of Massachusetts Amherst
838. Sima Shakhsari, Assistant Professor, Gwss, University of Minnesota
839. Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University
840. S. Shankar, Professor of English, University of Hawaii
841. Shalini Shankar, Professor, Anthropology & Asian American Studies, Northwestern University
842. Neelam Shara, Executive Director, Community Services Unlimited Inc
843. Miriam Sharma, Professor, Asian Studies, University of Hawaii
844. Jacqueline Shea Murphy , Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor, University of California, Riverside
845. Stephen Sheehi, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Chair of Middle East Studies, College of William and Mary
846. Lara Sheehi, Professional Lecturer of Clinical Psychology, The George Washington University
847. William Shepard, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Retired, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
848. Susan Shepler, Associate Professor, School of International Service, American University
849. Naoko Shibusawa, Associate Professor, Departments of History & American Studies, Brown University
850. Sarah Shields , Professor, History , University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
851. Snehal Shingavi, Associate Professor, English, University of Texas, Austin
852. Lincoln Shlensky, Associate Professor of English, University of Victoria
853. Ella Shohat, Professor, New York University
854. Timothy Shortell, Professor of Sociology, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
855. David Shorter, Professor, UCLA
856. Arthur B. Shostak, Emeritus Professor, Department of Sociology, Drexel University
857. Jeffrey Shoulson, Director, Center For Judaic Studies; Professor, Literatures, Cultures, And Languages, University of Connecticut
858. Mariela Sibrian, Graduate Student, University of Southern California
859. Yumna Siddiqi, Associate Professor of English, Middlebury College
860. Susanna Siegel, Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Harvard University
861. Mark Silcox, Professor & Chair, University of Central Oklahoma
862. David Simpson, Distinguished Professor of English, Uc Davis
863. Audra Simpson, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University
864. Rachna Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Hindu College, University of Delhi
865. Doug Singsen, Assistant Professor, Uw-Parkside
866. Maureen Sioh, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, DePaul University
867. Leonard Sklar, Professor, Earth And Climate Sciences Department, San Francisco State University
868. Jeffrey Skoller, Assoc. Professor, Film & Media Studies , Uc Berkeley
869. Susanne Slavick, Professor of Art, Carnegie Mellon
870. Rev. David Whitten Smith, Emeritus Professor of Theology; Justice and Peace Studies, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota
871. Ann Smock, Professor Emerita, French, U.C. Berkeley
872. Eric Smoodin, Professor, American Studies, Uc Davis
873. Stephen Soldz, Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
874. Alisa Solomon, Professor, Columbia
875. Mark Solomon, Professor of History, Emeritus, Simmons College
876. Yong Soon Min, Professor Emeritus, Uc Irvine
877. Dean Spade, Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University
878. Juliana Spahr, Professor, English, Mills College
879. Eve Spangler, Associate Professor of Sociology, Boston College
880. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, University Professor, Humanities, Columbia University
881. Peter Sporn, Md, Professor, Departments of Medicine And Cell And Molecular Biology, Northwestern University
882. Mytheli Sreenivas, Associate Professor, History And Women’s, Gender And Sexuality Studies, Ohio State University
883. Rajini Srikanth , Professor, English , University of Massachusetts Boston
884. Nidhi Srinivas , Associate Professor, Management , The New School
885. James Stacey Taylor, Associate Professor, Philosophy, The College of New Jersey
886. Joshua Stacher, Associate Professor, Political Science, Kent State University
887. Lisa Stampnitzky, Lecturer In Politics, University of Sheffield
888. Emma Stapely, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of California, Riverside
889. Harvey Stark, Assistant Professor of Humanities And Religious Studies, California State University Sacramento
890. Justin Stearns, Associate Professor of Arab Crossroads Studies, New York University Abu Dhabi
891. Nina Stein, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Connecticut
892. Rebecca Stein, Associate Prifessor, Cultural Anthroplogy, Duke
893. Ted Steinberg, Davee Professor of History And Professor of Law, Case Western Reserve University
894. Judith Stevenson, Emerita, Human Development, California State University Long Beach
895. Beverly Stoeltje, Professor Emerita, Anthropology & Folklore, Indiana University
896. Shari Stone-Mediatore, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Ohio Wesleyan University
897. Christopher Stone, Associate Professor , Hunter. College (Cuny)
898. James E. Strick , Chair, Program In Science, Technology And Society , Franklin And Marshall College
899. Megan Strom, Lecturer, University of California, San Diego
900. Dr. Stuart Rees, Professor Emeritus, University of Sydney, Nsw Australia
901. Mira Sucharov, Associate Professor of Political Science, Carleton University
902. Ziad Suidan, Part-Time Lecturer, Haigazian University
903. Nicole Sunday Grove, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Hawaii At Manoa
904. Kaushik Sunder Rajan, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago
905. Rajeswari Sunder Rajan, Global Distinguished Professor, English, New York University
906. Eric Swanson, Associate Professor, Philosophy And Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
907. Travis Sweatte, Graduate Student, CUNY
908. Ted Swedenburg, Professor of Anthropology , University of Arkansas
909. Dr. T. Douglas Reilly, Senior Researcher, Nuclear Safeguards And Nonproliferation, Retired, University of California, Los Alamos National Laboratory
910. Neferti Tadiar, Professor, Women’s, Gender, And Sexuality Studies, Barnard College, Columbia University
911. Noah Tamarkin, Assistant Professor, Comparative Studies, Ohio State University
912. Laura Tanenbaum, Associate Professor, English, Laguardia Community College, City University of New York
913. Nina Tannenwald, Director, International Relations Program, Watson Institute For Int’l Studies, Brown University
914. Nirvana Tanoukhi, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Madison
915. Christopher Taylor, Assistant Professor of English, University of Chicago
916. Diana Taylor, University Professor, New York University
917. Oyku Tekten, Phd Candidate, English, The Graduate Center, CUNY
918. Jeanne Theoharis, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Brooklyn College of Cuny
919. Valorie Thomas, Associate Professor , English & Africana Studies, Gender & Women’s Studies, Pomona College
920. Charles Thorpe, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego
921. Doug Thorpe, Professor, English, Seattle Pacific University
922. Chris Tilly, Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA
923. Conor Tomás Reed, Archival Dissertation Fellow, Graduate Center, City University of New York
924. Saadia Toor, Associate Professor, Sociology And Women & Gender Studies, College of Staten Island
925. Elmer Tory, Professor Emeritus, Mount Allison University
926. Barry Trachtenberg, Michael And Deborah K. Rubin Presidential Chair of Jewish History, Wake Forest University
927. Robert Trawick, Associate Professor of Philosophy And Religious Studies, St. Thomas Aquinas College
928. Yi-Chun Tricia Lin, Professor of Women’s Studies , Southern Connecticut State University
929. John Trimbur, Professor of Writing, Literature & Publishing, Emerson College
930. Frances Trix, Professor Emerita, Linguistics & Anthropology, Indiana University
931. Robin Truth Goodman, Professor, Department of English, Florida State University
932. K. Tsianina Lomawaima, Professor, School of Social Transformation, Arizona State University
933. Sherrie Tucker, Professor, American Studies, University of Kansas
934. Meredith Turshen, Professor, Rutgers
935. Sarah Tuttle, Assistant Professor, Astronomy, University of Washington, Seattle
936. Jim Uleman, Professor of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Science, New York University
937. Muhammad Usama, Pre-Med Student, Ilm College of Science
938. Nader Uthman, Clinical Associate Professor, New York University
939. Hector Valenzuela, Professor And Crop Production Specialist, University of Hawaii At Manoa
940. Peter Vallentyne, Professor of Philosophy, U. Missouri
941. Salim Vally, Professor of Education, University of Johannesburg
942. Willie Van Peer, Faculty of Languages And Literatures, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
943. Anish Vanaik, Assistant Professor , Jindal Global Law School
944. Russell Vandenbroucke, Director, Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation Program; Professor of Theatre Arts, University of Louisville
945. Paul Vangelisti, Professor, Graduate Writing, Otis College of Art And Design
946. Eric Vázquez, Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies, Dickinson College
947. Martha Vicinus, University Professor Emerita, Department of English, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
948. Christina Villalobos , Undergraduate Student, Anonymous
949. Kamala Visweswaran, Professor, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego
950. Daniel Vitkus, Endowed Professor of Literature, UC San Diego
951. Steven Vogel, Warner Professor, Department of Philosophy, Denison University
952. Leonard Vogt, Professor Emeritus, Laguardia Community College (Cuny)
953. Beverly Voloshin, Professor of English, and 2009 President of The Pacific Ancient And Modern Language Assoc., San Francisco State University
954. Steven Vose, Bhagwan Mahavir Assistant Professor of Jain Studies, Florida International University
955. David W Chadwick, Professor of Information Systems Security, School of Computing, University of Kent, UK
956. Joan W. Scott, Adjunct Professor of History, Graduate Center, Cuny
957. Florence Wagman Roisman, William F. Harvey Professor of Law And Chancellor’s Professor, Indiana University Robert H. Mckinney School of Law
958. Alan Wald, H. Chander Davis Collegiate Professor (Emeritus), University of Michigan
959. Irwin Wall, Graduate Professor, University of California, Riverside
960. Alan Wallach, Wark Professor of Art And Art History And Professor of American Studies Emeritus, The College of William And Mary
961. Richard Waller, Departments of History And International Relations (Retired), Bucknell University
962. Stephen Walt, Professor of International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University
963. Stephen Wangh, Arts Professor Emeritus, New York University
964. Robert Warrior, Professor of American Studies And English, University of Kansas/University of Illinois
965. Roger Waters, Musician, Westminster University
966. Mary Watkins, Chair, Depth Psychology Program, Pacifica Graduate Institute
967. Valerie Wayne, Professor Emerita, Department of English, University of Hawai’i
968. Julie Webber, Professor, Politics , Illinois State University
969. Michael V Wedin, Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of California, Davis
970. Melissa Weiner, Associate Professor, Sociology, College of The Holy Cross
971. Barbara Weinstein, Silver Professor of History, New York University
972. Liza Weinstein, Associate Professor of Sociology, Northeastern University
973. Joel Weisberg, Stark Professor of Physics And Astronomy And The Natural Sciences, Carleton College, Northfield, MN
974. Max Weiss, Associate Professor of History And Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University
975. Nancy Welch, Professor, Department of English, University of Vermont
976. Alistair Welchman, Department of Philosophy And Classics, University of Texas At San Antonio
977. Robert White, Professor of Sociology, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
978. Deborah Wilis, Associate Professor, Univ. of California, Riverside
979. Raymond William Baker, Carnegie Islam Scholar And Professor of International Politics, Director, Middle East Studies, Trinity College
980. Rebecca Williams Mlynarczyk, Professor Emerita, English, CUNY Graduate Center
981. Janice Williamson, Professor, Department of English & Film Studies, University of Alberta
982. Craig Wilse, Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies, George Mason University
983. Jessica Wilson, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto
984. Howard Winant, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara
985. Jessica Winegar, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University
986. Robert Wisnovsky, James Mcgill Professor of Islamic Philosophy, Institute of Islamic Studies, Mcgill University
987. Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt, Assistant Professor, California State University, Stanislaus
988. Todd Wolfson, Associate Professor, Journalism And Media Studies, Rutgers University
989. John Womack Jr, Professor of Latin American Economics And History, Emeritus, Harvard University
990. Eva Woods Peiró, Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies, Vassar College
991. Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health And Society Scholar / Assistant Professor, Sociology, Columbia University / University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
992. Robin Wyatt Dunn, Lecturer In English, CSULA
993. Jonathan Wyrtzen, Associate Professor of Sociology, Yale University
994. Traise Yamamoto, Associate Professor of English, University of California, Riverside
995. Emrah Yildiz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology And Middle East & North African Studies, Northwestern University
996. Susan Yohn, Professor, History Department, Hofstra University
997. Yuval Yonay, Senior Lecturer, University of Haifa
998. Heather E. Young-Leslie , Director, Social Sciences and Humanities Grant Assist Program, office of the Vice-President (Research), Professor (Adjunct), Anthropology, University of Alberta
999. Lorraine York, Distinguished University Professor, English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University
1000. George Yudice, Professor, Modern Languages And Literatures, University of Miami
1001. Orian Zakai, Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Hebrew, Middlebury College
1002. Nasser Zakariya, Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley
1003. Ana Celia Zentella, Professor Emerita, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego
1004. James Zeigler, Associate Professor of English, University of Oklahoma
1005. Susy Zepeda, Assistant Professor, UC Davis
1006. Susan Zieger, Associate Professor of English, University of California, Riverside
1007. Edward Ziter, Professor, New York University
1008. Angela Zito , Associate Professor, Anthropology, NYU
1009. Michael Zuckerman, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Pennsylvania
1010. Phil Zuckerman, Professor of Sociology and Secular Studies, Pitzer College


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