Statement on Anti-Semitism and anti-BDS pressure at Oberlin

March 11, 2016–This morning, a post on Jewschool identified a statement by Oberlin students as a JVP statement.  While we are proud to work with these students as they navigate the complicated dynamics of racism, anti-Palestinian activism, and anti-Semitism on their campus, their statement reflects their own words and not Jewish Voice for Peace as a whole.

As an organization dedicated to acting on our values of dignity and justice for all people, we take anti-Semitism along with all forms of racism and oppression very seriously. At the same time, we also know that false accusations of anti-Semitism are frequently deployed to silence advocates for Palestinian human rights.

In this case we do not hesitate in saying it was both. Anti-Semitic comments were made by an Oberlin professor and anti-BDS activists have seized on this opportunity to demonize the movement for Palestinian human rights. We condemn both of those things. We are committed to challenging anti-Semitism along with all forms of bigotry and oppression, and to supporting students and faculty who are doing courageous work for Palestinian human rights.

JVP’s Academic Advisory Council and our Student Network, will be releasing statements of principle about how we engage with these issues on campus in the near future.


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