UN Conciliation Commission to Palestine, 1950

The United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine (UNCCP) was created by UNGA Resolution 194, December 1948, in order to conclude the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Click here to access the Commission’s Report on its initial efforts.  Chapter III addresses the return of refugees.

On July 11, 1950, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported:

U.N. Conciliation Commission Regrets Failure to Achieve Palestine Peace Settlement
July 11, 1950

GENEVA (Jul. 10)

The United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine today expressed regret at having failed to achieve agreement between Israel and the Arab states to a plan which would “have hastened the return of a final peace in the Middle East.”

The Commission statement also announced the end on July 15 of the talks with both parties here. The three-nation body will proceed to U.N. headquarters in Jerusalem at the end of July in order to be closer to the parties concerned. Before leaving Geneva the Commission will submit a progress report to U.N. Secretary-General Trygve Lie.


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