Campus Organizing


The JVP Student Network

Together, we’re a national coalition of undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and campus activists united in support for Palestinian equal rights and liberation.

JVP campus chapters across the country work with Students for Justice in Palestine to support and develop BDS campaigns, to raise awareness of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and to amplify a Jewish voice that insists on freedom for Palestinians. We also work to cultivate Jewish community spaces on campus that align with our values of dignity and justice for all.

Help move forward the movement for Palestinian liberation on your campus – JVP will help you every step of the way.

In the fall of 2015, Jewish Voice for Peace produced the report Stifling Dissent: How Israel's Defenders Use False Charges of Anti-Semitism to Limit the Debate over Israel on Campusin the service of protecting and promoting freedom of speech, academic freedom, and freedom of political expression on college campuses for all students and faculty.


Academic Advisory Council

What is the Academic Advisory Council?

The Jewish Voice for Peace Academic Advisory Council is a fast-growing, diverse network of tenured professors, contingent faculty, independent scholars and graduate students invested for justice for Palestine. We have come together to support and defend free inquiry and debate on campus.

At a time when such freedoms are coming under increasingly well-funded and organized attack from putatively “pro-Israel” organizations, the defense of robust speech on campus about Palestine and Israel, including speech critical of Israel, affirms the core values and freedoms at the heart of higher education’s mission.



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