To our members who are concerned about the Israeli ban of JVP activists:

The Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry has published a list of organizations whose leaders will be banned from entering Israel because of their BDS advocacy. Jewish Voice for Peace is on that list, and is the only Jewish organization named.

It is understandable that JVP members would be concerned, whether we have family or friends in Israel and Palestine, a spiritual connection to the land, personal history there, or for other reasons. We’re doing our best to gather as much information and as many resources as possible to help our members navigate these difficult circumstances.

It is still unclear exactly how and when Israeli officials will implement this travel ban, but as far as we understand, members will not be targeted unless they are playing key leadership roles in the organization. Of course we don’t know how the Israelis will define ‘key leadership’, but for anyone who doesn’t have a public profile, and is just on JVP’s membership list, we have no reason to believe they will have a problem.

Here are some quick facts and resources:

  • COMMUNITY HUDDLE: We held a members-only community huddle on Thursday, January 11th to ask questions, share knowledge, swap ideas, and offer support to one another. If you missed it, please reach out to to get info about the call.
  • HELPFUL ARTICLE: Here’s an article from Haaretz that gives a bit more information. The take-aways are:
    1. According to Israeli officials, activists who are not defined as “in the core of the organization,” or who are not known to the ministry from public sources, will not necessarily be stopped at the border.
    2. Denial of entry for activists will be enforced whether they belong to JVP or not, according to the following criteria:
      1. Individuals with senior positions or significant roles in the organization, such as senior staff, board chairman, or board members;
      2. Key activists who take a consistent and continuous role to promote boycotts within the framework of JVP or independently;
      3. Institutional officials, such as mayors, who promote BDS in an active and ongoing way;
      4. People who arrive in Israel as representatives of JVP
    3. The Strategic Affairs Ministry said, “If as part of routine questioning carried out by border control personnel, the organizational affinity of the applicant for entry comes up, denial of entry will be considered…”
  • FACT SHEET: A fact sheet on the Israeli BDS ban from Interfaith Peace Builders.

If you have any other questions, thoughts, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to JVP staff any time at


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