Apply to Join the 2018 JVP Student Leadership Retreat!

Fill out the form to be considered for the 2018 JVP Student Leadership Retreat!

At our retreat, JVP students will connect face-to-face from across the country to dive deep and build the skills to organize for justice in Palestine on campus. We’ll build radical Jewish student community, share strategies and ideas for organizing on campus, do political education around Zionism and Jewish identity, learn how to run successful divestment campaigns and build on wins, and more. And we’ll make plans to take our #ReturntheBirthright campaign to the next level, across the country!

The retreat will begin the evening of February 8, and end the afternoon of February 11. It will take place at the beautiful Stony Point Retreat Center in upstate NY, 1.5 hours north of NYC. Meals and lodging will be provided. Generous travel stipends are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. After you apply, you will be sent another form to apply for the travel stipend.

Jews of Color, Mizrahi and/or Sephardi Jews are especially encouraged to apply.