Not A Conflict: Against Antisemitism; Working for Justice in Israel/Palestine

November 13th, 2017


Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director, Jewish Voice for Peace

Douglas Greenberg is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at Rutgers University, where he was Executive Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and then taught courses on the Holocaust and genocide prior to retiring in 2016. Before returning to Rutgers (his undergraduate institution) in 2008, he was Executive Director of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute and Professor of History at USC. Earlier in his career he was CEO of the Chicago History Museum, Vice President of the American Council of Learned Societies, and Associate Dean of the Faculty at Princeton University.

12:00pm ET PANEL 2:

Rabbi Alissa Wise, Deputy Director, Jewish Voice for Peace (moderator)

Mark Tseng-Putterman is a writer and PhD student in American Studies at Brown University, and a member of the Jews of Color, Mizrahi/Sephardi Caucus Working in Partnership with JVP.

Nada Elia is a Diaspora Palestinian scholar-activist. She served for many years on the National Steering Collective of INCITE! Women and Trans People of Color Against Violence, and currently serves on the organizing collectives of USACBI (the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel) as well as CAN (Campus Anti-Fascist Network). Nada teaches in the American Cultural Studies program at Western Washington University.

Dove Kent, former director of Jews for Racial & Economic Justice (2011-2016), brings over 15 years of experience in grassroots organizing, political education, and movement building.


2:00pm ET PANEL 3:

Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director, Jewish Voice for Peace (moderator)

Charles Manekin is professor of philosophy and a member of the Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Maryland. His area of specialization is the history of Jewish philosophy

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling is the Director of the the Social Justice Organizing Program at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.

Yousef Munnayer, political analyst and writer, and Executive Director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.


Back in the mid-90s, three young Jewish women realized they could no longer keep silent about Israel’s occupation – and decided to do something about it. Watch their story – our story – here.



Researching the American Israeli Alliance and Jewish Voice for Peace’s report reveals the extent of massive training programs between U.S. law enforcement and Israeli police, military, and the Shin Bet.

End the Deadly Exchange

When US law enforcement trade tactics with the Israeli police and military, Israel deepens its military occupation and the US heightens its violence of policing. Tell the Truth

Days ago, bowed to pro-Israel activists and started describing all of Jerusalem as a “city in Israel” – literally erasing Palestinian East Jerusalem. Let’s get to tell the truth: East Jerusalem is occupied territory.

Senators: Investigate Israeli Violence!

No one should be killed for taking part in a peaceful protest. It’s up to us to call on progressive Senators to investigate Israel’s massacre in Gaza that killed over 100 Palestinians wounded 12,000 others.

Huge Palestinian march with text overlaid reading "support the #greatreturnmarch"