JVP Statement Responding to Another Wave of Bomb Threats at JCCs

January 31, 2017
Contact: Naomi Dann| media@jvp.org | 845-377-5745

JVP Statement Responding to Another Wave of Bomb Threats at Jewish Community Centers

The Trump administration’s first few days have reflected the racism, Islamophobia, and antisemitism that we saw in his campaign, including executive orders targeting Muslims, immigrants, and refugees, and the concerning rapid consolidation of power by white nationalist icon Stephen Bannon.

Today, a wave of bombing threats were called into dozens of Jewish Community Centers across the country, the third such wave in the last month. These threats, though thankfully all have been false alarms, reflect the recent spike in hate and threats against Jews and other groups by white supremacists emboldened by the Trump administration.

The Trump administration is flirting with antisemitism at the highest levels. In recent days, the White House has doubled down on their omission of naming any of the specific targets of the Nazi Holocaust, as well as any reference to antisemitism in his statement commemorating the Holocaust. In defense of that intentional omission, Sean Spicer invoked President Trump’s strong support for Israel to deflect criticism of antisemitism.

The Trump administration is proving, yet again, that it is quite possible to be antisemitic and support the Israeli government. It bears repeating, once again, that not all Jews support the Israeli government, and that Israel does not represent all Jews.

It is also of note the executive order targeting Muslims and refugees was signed on International Holocaust Memorial day. In doing so, the administration reminds us that fights against antisemitism, racism and Islamophobia must go hand in hand.

Our organizing at this time is focused on creating and strengthening communities of mutual support and sustained resistance to the Trump administration’s climate of hate, discriminatory policies, and dangerous ideologies.


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