Representative Keith Ellison is a strong supporter of the rights of all people to equal rights, dignity, and respect.

Letter in Support of Representative Keith Ellison

Representative Keith Ellison is a strong supporter of the rights of all people to equal rights, dignity, and respect.

Representative Ellison has been subject to malicious attacks, falsely accusing him of anti-Semitism in part because of his concerns about Israel’s human rights record. Such attacks come in the context of ongoing efforts to brand individuals and groups that speak out for the human rights of Palestinians as anti-Semitic as well as racism and anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies.

The reactionary forces attacking Representative Ellison do not support the civil and human rights of all people; they are hardline supporters of Israel for whom any criticism of Israeli actions—such as opposing the expansion of settlements on the West Bank and denying Palestinians’ basic human rights—is “anti-Semitic.”

This focus on false accusations of anti-Semitism against those who support Palestinian human rights is misplaced, and diverts attention away from the need to challenge the anti-Semitism that goes hand in hand with racism and Islamophobia. This is particularly harmful in the current context as hate crimes, harassment, and state violence against Muslims and people of color are on the rise, emboldened by the political climate.

We strongly condemn these efforts to delegitimize Representative Ellison, which have targeted both his ethical positions and his identities. Representative Keith Ellison has worked closely with members and organizations within the Jewish community and is deeply committed to justice.


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